Show off your brightest ideas.

Ideation. Sound silly? It can be.

It’s also occasionally serious, a little strange, uncomfortably uncanny, or at times even hysterical. But it’s always fun.

Your ideas are your future. Entrepreneurial grit got you off the ground, and cash flow helps you make payroll. Yet it’s your ideas that will inspire.

Mischa Communications’ ideation services help reveal your company’s best ideas and adapt them to the harsh realities of the competitive market. From that first moment of inspiration to the launch of a new, innovative product or service, we help you not only breathe life into your ideas, but fight for their survival — whether you’re a funky cupcakery or an international IT provider.

Ideation isn’t just about developing a one-off marketing strategy or two-dimensional brand identity. It’s a dynamic, all-encompassing approach to marketing and communications. No two companies are exactly the same, so Mischa’s approach to ideation isn’t either. Any or all of these pieces and parts can play a role in ideation.

  • • Structured one-on-one and team brainstorming
  • • Innovation capture
  • • Market research and analysis
  • • Competitor analysis and benchmarking
  • • Business plan assistance
  • • Pricing strategy
  • • Marketing and communications planning
  • • Product and service launch planning
  • • Public relations
  • • Branding

Fitting a square peg in a round hole never works. (Our editors are rolling their eyes at this cliché.) Yet far too many companies try to implement marketing and communications ideas and strategies simply because they work for someone else. Your company is different. It’s unlike any other out there. So you need a collaborative, custom approach that is equally innovative.

Contact us to introduce a little ideation into your small business!