We love you. The world should, too.

Marketing: It’s a word that most everyone knows, but not many understand.

According to good ol’ Mr. Webster, the traditional definition is “any business activity involved in the moving of goods from the producer to the consumer, including selling, advertising, and packing.”

No offense, Webster, but that’s not how we see it.

To us, marketing is understanding who you are. It’s telling your story. It’s connecting with your market and customers, and revealing your company to the world.

If you can’t tell your story and engage your audience, they won’t listen. And you won’t sell. It doesn’t matter if you have the most amazing thingamabob on the planet.

Mischa’s marketing solutions ensure you understand your brand, market, competitors, and clients. We write, design, program, email, and tweet your company’s way toward a lasting, meaningful, inspirational connection with customers.

Our methods can be a little unconventional, even wacky, but small and midsize businesses need to work harder to get people’s attention because they are … well, small.

With Mischa Communications, large competitors won’t cast shadows over your company. Your voice won’t get drowned out. Customers will hear and connect with your story. We make people love you — because your business depends on it.

Take the first step in making your customers fall in love with your small business!