Innovative design is smart design.


Your small business requires innovative design to stand out. The kind of design that captivates your customers. And makes your competitors jealous.

From small identity pieces like logo creation, to large-scale projects like website redesign, your small business can gain a competitive advantage by elevating its design game. Smart design showcases your sophistication and style. It tells people what your small business is all about and communicates your level of professionalism.

Of course, effective small business design requires making choices that align with your brand image and messaging (think: images, font, color, layout, etc.). But making those choices isn’t always easy. The designs that work best for your small business aren’t always the ones you like most. Heck, sometimes they’re not even the ones we like. A smart design is one your customers like.

Finding your way through the labyrinth of small business design decisions is challenging. But the Mischa Communications design team has some serious skills when it comes to creating break-through designs that capture and keep your audience’s attention. Our graphic design services include:

  • • Website development
  • • Graphic identity elements (e.g., logo development, style guide)
  • • Marketing/branding materials (brochures and other types of collateral)
  • • Infographics/graphics
  • • Products/packaging
  • • Signage and event spaces

A good design isn’t good enough for your small business. It needs to be innovative, informative and smart.

Make your small business design everything it needs to be. Contact us to learn more!

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