Join the Team

Our clients are awesome. Help us tell the world.

Mischa Communications exists to help small businesses tell their stories, and connect with and inspire their customers. With quirky copy, gripping graphics, and brilliant marketing, we bring Madison Avenue-level creativity to Main Street’s entrepreneurs.

Our team is an eccentric, but close-knit bunch. We come from various professional backgrounds, but we’re united by one common goal: Making small businesses’ big dreams a reality.

Why should you join us?

Join us because you believe that a better tomorrow already exists in the minds of the world’s entrepreneurs. Join us because you want to help bring their ideas to life, to animate innovation, and inspire the world. Join us because you cringe at bad copy, missed opportunities, and boring stories. Join us because you’re willing to work your @*s off, create amazing things, collaborate with inspired people, and help small businesses shine.

Our logo is a chameleon because we believe in standing out. Each person on our team does this in his or her own awe-inspiring way. Everyone lends a little creative magic. Everyone contributes to making our company and our clients a success.

If you’re looking for somewhere to blend in, this isn’t the place for you. If you’re a creative standout, you just might be Mischa material.


Current Opportunities

Freelance Mavens

Mischa Communications is looking to build lasting relationships with experienced freelance copywriters, graphic artists, social media managers/experts, project coordinators, and marketing enthusiasts. People who share our passion for helping entrepreneurs reveal, adapt, and inspire their businesses.

We want to hear from you if you have:

  • At least one year of freelance or relevant industry experience.
  • A portfolio of projects that you think will impress us.
  • Experience with client-facing engagements.
  • Relevant education and/or certifications. (Preferred, but not mandatory.)

Please creatively interpret this request and tell us why you’re Mischa material. Send your resume, cover letter, and work samples, along with a proposed rate structure to