Don’t commit word crimes.

“Always upholding the highest standards for every detal.”

“There is a French widow in every bedroom affording delightful prospects.”

“A Better Amercia.”

If you noticed something wrong in each one of those lines, you’re not alone. A lot of other people noticed them too, much to the embarrassment of the businesses (and people) behind them.

Word’s spelling and grammar check isn’t enough to keep your small business out of trouble. Because if you’re going by green, squiggly lines, Word has no idea that there’s something off about advertising a “French widow” in every bedroom. You need an attentive eye editing your small business marketing materials to make sure that all time, imagination and money that goes into each piece doesn’t go to waste.

Small businesses can take a hit on something as simple as an unfortunate misspelling. But good copy editing can catch much more detailed mistakes, such as a message being tailored to the wrong demographic, a tweet that’s more than 280 characters or the wrong address listed on an order for a couple thousand business cards.

Don’t let your small business be undone by silly mistakes. In fact, don’t be undone by any mistakes. Let Mischa’s skillful editors put you on the correctly spelled and punctuated path to success!

Make sure your small business is grammatically correct! Put our editors to the test!

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