Social media is not a fad.

Social media is an entrepreneur’s best friend, even if it doesn’t always seem that way.

We know the feeling.

You craft witty tweets and blog posts, and curate a collection of pages across every possible social platform, then … nothing. No new followers. No new Likes. No new clients. Zero ROI.

Pretty soon you’re yanked away by the latest entrepreneurial crisis. Meanwhile, your thoughtful posts and pages are left to languish in the ether, gathering digital dust, and cluttering your site with outdated content.

We get it. We’re a small business, too. And even we neglect our blog and social platforms every once in awhile. (Although, it’s usually because we’re hard at work helping you with yours.)

Social media isn’t an automated, standalone marketing savior that will propel your company to success and decimate your competition. It won’t, on its own, inspire undying devotion from your customers, or flood you with new business and revenue.

However, if used correctly, it can be an integral part of your existing sales and marketing process. Social media is the most cost-effective tool you have for keeping contact with current customers, reaching new ones, and establishing your industry reputation while improving your search engine ranking.

Mischa Communications develops tailored approaches to social media that fit your specific industry and clients, whether you’re a CPA firm or a jewelry boutique. We are social media whisperers who have mastered the art of meaningful connection.

Social media is complicated, but it’s not rocket science. We cut through the confusion, build a captive audience for your company, and use it to promote your products and services. We make social media simple … because it’s not going away anytime soon.

Ready to start? We are, too!