4 Red-Hot Tips for “Cold” Direct Mailing

18 Jun

4 Red-Hot Tips for “Cold” Direct Mailing

It’s starting to look and feel a lot like summer. As the mercury rises, Mischa Communications has spent the last couple of weeks keeping you cool with tips for cold calling and cold emailing -- but we’re not done quite yet. Before we return to regularly scheduled sweltering heat, we’ve got one more medium to light a fire under your marketing strategy: cold direct mailing. Direct mail can...

06 Jun

Direct Customers to Your Small Business With Direct Mail

Do you remember “mail”? No, not the electronic kind that shows up incessantly on your smartphone, but real mail, brought to you come rain, snow, sleet or hail by a postal worker? Direct mail (marketing your small business via flyers, circulars, etc.) is still a thing, but does it produce results? Is it possible to actually make a sale for bulk mail rates? Sure --...