5 Tools to Make Your Small Business Content “Pop”

24 Jul

5 Tools to Make Your Small Business Content “Pop”

Small business content creation can be tough. It’s time-consuming, often frustrating and arguably one of a small business owner’s least favorite jobs. It’s also necessary if you want to succeed. Content is still king, despite what you may have heard -- except now, it has to be great content. No more hiring foreign “writers” who work for pennies but haven’t quite grasped the concept of...

24 Apr

4 Easy Ways to Boost Targeted Traffic to Your Small Business Website

Often times, sales is a game of sheer numbers – you need a ton of people to see your product in hopes that a few of them will want to buy. But what if most of your audience is already interested in what you’re selling? That’s called targeted traffic, and it’s a much more efficient use of your marketing resources. These high-quality visitors not only...

10 Apr

Get Visual: Add Graphics and More to Your Small Business Blog Posts

Fun fact: Articles with one or more images get 94 percent more views than those without graphics. For the mathematically-challenged among us, that’s … a lot more views. Want some more staggering stats? Videos can increase your conversion rate as much as 86 percent and keep people on your page about two minutes longer (great news for SEO). Oh, and if you get someone to...

21 Feb

4 Ways to Build Your Small Business’ Brand Awareness

Let’s be honest: Brand awareness is kind of a big deal. It’s the reason people fly Delta instead of “Discount Dan’s Awesome Airline,” the reason people ask for a Coke instead of a “cola” and the reason no child alive has ever begged for “Magic Marshmallow Crunches” when there’s a perfectly good box of Lucky Charms on the shelf above. People do business with the...

18 Jul

5 Tips to Make Your Small Business’ Logo Legendary

What do Nike’s swoosh, McDonald’s golden arches and Mischa Communications’ multi-colored chameleon all have in common? They’re all logos that are instantly recognizable to their clients, customers and fans. Do you have a logo like that? Do you have a logo at all? When it comes to branding your small business, having a fantastic logo is the best thing you can do for your visibility....

19 Jun

A Small Business’ Guide to Infographics

There’s nothing better than high-quality content for your small business’ website. And when it comes to how you deliver that content, you’ve got plenty of choices. Articles and blog posts are always a safe bet. But if you really want to get some attention, infographics are the way to go. We know, we know, creating your own infographic probably sounds a bit…terrifying. While there’s definitely...

14 Aug

5 Business Card Musts for Small Businesses

They’ve been around for ages, and you might have forgotten they existed. But we bet if you open your wallet right now, you’ll have one or two in there. If you do remember them, you might think they’re archaic in this digital age. Yet they’re still one of the best marketing tools out there. What are they? Business cards. Even in the digital age, the...

15 Jul

Get Creative: 3 Small Business Design Tips

When you’re fabulous, it’s important to look the part. Your small business might be the greatest in the world, but if you can’t catch customers’ attention, chances are good that you’re not going to catch their money, either. From your small business website to your logo to your marketing correspondence, you need to make your small business look as cool as it is. Not sure...