4 Ways to Build Your Small Business’ Brand Awareness

21 Feb

4 Ways to Build Your Small Business’ Brand Awareness

Let’s be honest: Brand awareness is kind of a big deal. It’s the reason people fly Delta instead of “Discount Dan’s Awesome Airline,” the reason people ask for a Coke instead of a “cola” and the reason no child alive has ever begged for “Magic Marshmallow Crunches” when there’s a perfectly good box of Lucky Charms on the shelf above. People do business with the...

12 Dec

10 New Year Resolutions for Your Small Business

The year is winding down to a close. As most people begin to shift their focus from 2016 to 2017, New Year resolutions are made: to lose weight, to nix a bad habit, to finally seek help for their Netflix addiction. While those are all admirable personal goals (who needs to binge-watch an entire season of Stranger Things in one night, anyway?), your small business...

09 Oct

5 Ways to Prep Your Small Business for the 2016 Holiday Season

Believe it or not, the 2016 holiday season is right around the corner. Is your small business ready? Although it may seem crazy to start prepping for Christmas before most kids have even decided on a Halloween costume, mapping out your game plan now -- while you have the time -- will put you ahead of the curve! We’re not suggesting you deck your social...

04 Apr

4 Tips to Make Your Small Business Shine at Your Next Community Event

There are plenty of ways to show off your small business’ products and services. Trade shows, private events, a great website, stellar social media pages – the list goes on and on. But there’s one avenue you may not have explored yet: a booth at a community event. Spring and summer bring nicer weather and the promise of plenty of community happenings, from county fairs and...

03 Aug

Step Up to the Mic! 4 Strategies for Your Small Business Event Speech

Whether you’re comfortable speaking in front of a crowd or terrified by the prospect of it, the fact remains: If your small business holds an event or conference, the audience is going to expect a few words from you. No one is expecting the Gettysburg Address, but people who attend your event are there to hear what you have to say. And you don’t want...

30 Jul

3 Tips for a Killer Small Business Event Space

Space. If we’re talking about Star Trek, it’s the final frontier. If we’re talking about the venue for your small business conference, it’s probably a pain in the you-know-what. You’ve planned. You’ve created cool swag. You’ve developed a genius event strategy. But if you think you’re done, think again. You still have to figure out how to make the most out of your small business...

20 Jul

3 Tips for Boosting Small Business Event Attendance

Sideshow barkers are an important part of a circus’ marketing scheme. After all, the action in the three rings certainly isn’t the only action. The fire breathers, two-headed lizards and sword swallowers certainly add some value to the experience and the event’s profits. But your small business isn’t a circus…even if it feels like one at times! So you probably don’t have any lions, acrobats...