The Best Marketing Tips for Small Business Saturday

Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you’ll find another, lesser-known shopping holiday that’s right up your alley: Small Business Saturday.

It’s a day for businesses just like yours to rake in some serious cash. On Saturday, Nov. 24, 2018, people spent $17.8 billion at small, independent shops and websites the country over.

Did you miss the boat entirely last year, or are you just looking for ways to make Small Business Saturday 2019 better than last year? Here are our best marketing tips to start the busy holiday season off right!

Order Your Marketing Materials

Small Business Saturday is the brainchild of American Express. It began in 2010 as a way to help smaller businesses combat the strain from the recession — and has only grown from there.

Considering American Express started the movement, it’s only natural that the company still is dedicated to helping you out. A visit to its Shop Small Studio allows small business owners to create custom marketing materials to show off on their website, on social media pages and even in brick-and-mortar stores. You also can get free signs and supplies for your small business.

Get the Word Out

Now is the time to start creating some buzz around your Small Business Saturday celebration. After all, what’s a party without guests?

Create hype by mailing out Save the Date cards or personalized invitations. Start publicizing it on social media and by email. Give your loyal customers a sneak peek of what they can expect. Will you have live music? Free cookies and cocoa? A special appearance by a local celebrity? Is the big man himself going to pop by with his sleigh and presents for the kiddos?

Small Business Saturday is just one day, and like Santa himself, consumers have a lot of places to visit in a short amount of time. The sooner you spread the word and get people excited about your event, the better the chances that you’ll be one of their first stops of the day!

Partner Up!

When it comes to Small Business Saturday, the motto is “The more, the merrier.” At heart, it’s a community event, so get your whole neighborhood involved!

Partner with small businesses in your vicinity to make sure everyone gets a steady stream of traffic coming through the door. Create a “passport” that gets stamped at each business you’ve partnered with and, once full, can be redeemed for a prize. Host a scavenger hunt that leads people to multiple shops in the neighborhood. Offer cross-over promotions, too. For example, if a customer purchases a yoga mat from your shop, they might get a 20% discount on yoga classes from the studio down the street.

Partnering up can help you save money. When you go in together on marketing materials and advertising costs, it’s a win-win!

Do Some Good

Profit margins matter. But Small Business Saturday isn’t just about selling the most whirligigs and whatchamacallits. It’s about a community coming together in support of each other.

Find a way to give back to your community this year. Whether it’s hosting a food or clothing drive, sponsoring a family or two for the holidays or donating a portion of the day’s profits to charity, make sure you’re spreading the joy.

While it may sound self-serving to shout your good-naturedness from the rooftops, there’s nothing wrong with publicizing what you’re doing. Your customers are just as willing to give back as you are, and when they know their money is going to a good cause, they’re more likely to open their wallets.

The Countdown Is On. Are You Ready for Small Business Saturday?

Small Business Saturday 2019 falls on Nov. 30, which leaves you a little more than a month to prepare. Don’t wait to start spreading the word. Get your marketing mojo on and make this the best Small Business Saturday yet!

Are you looking for a holiday helper? Are you short a few hours in the day? Would you rather spend your time on the sales floor than dealing with marketing mumbo jumbo? Mischa Communications is here! How can we help?