Thinking About a Podcast? First, Ask Yourself: “What’s In It for Me?”

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Are you looking to tap into a new marketing medium? It might be time to think about starting a podcast.

Consider some of the following:

  • 41% of Americans ages 12 and up have listened to a podcast in the past month.
  • 28% of them have listened to one in the past week.
  • Of those who listen, 82% spend more than seven hours a week tuning in.
  • Podcast listeners tend to be a different (read: more affluent) breed, with 45% reporting an annual household income in excess of $250,000.
  • They’re also 68% more likely to have a post-graduate degree.

In short, if you’re setting your sights on a target market that is engaged, wealthy, and highly educated, a podcast is a very effective net to cast.

But before you head to your nearest Best Buy for boom mics and fancy headphones, it’s important to stop and think about your goals. What do you want to get out of the podcast? What do you want your audience to get out of it?

If you’re stumped, we have you covered. Here are a handful of reasons you might want to dive into podcasting.

You Might Want to Start a Podcast If …

Podcasts Tend to Do Particularly Well in Your Industry

The more valuable your products and services are, the more likely it is that you can benefit from a podcast. Industries such as financial services, legal firms, B2B companies and SaaS providers tend to do well with podcasting because their clients tend to be more discerning, curious and risk adverse.

You Want to Increase Audience Engagement

Even though podcasts are a one-way street, a familiar voice has a way of making your audience feel like you’re talking to them instead of at them. This makes them more likely to engage with you through other channels such as your website, social media channels or brick-and-mortar locations.

You’re Short on Content

You understand how important it is to regularly offer up quality content, but sometimes that content is awfully hard to come by. Recording an episode of a podcast instead of forcing yourself to begrudgingly spit out yet another blog post can help get the creative juices flowing again.

Bonus: A transcript of the podcast added to your blog counts as fresh content!

You Want to Be Seen as a Thought Leader

No matter what industry you’re in, your audience wants to know that you are the best at whatever it is you do. A podcast positions you as a thought leader and an expert in your field, which can instill a huge amount of confidence in a customer or client who is currently on the fence.

You’re Trying Your Hand at Relationship Building

No business is an island. To succeed, you need a network of people surrounding you. A podcast allows you to bolster that network by inviting industry experts, current or potential business partners or even members of your community to be guests, which will help strengthen your professional relationships.

You’re Short on Marketing Dollars

Let’s face it: Marketing dollars only stretch so far, and money is tight for everyone right now. The good news is that podcasting can be incredibly inexpensive. Once you shell out the money for some basic equipment, the ongoing costs are negligible.

Are You Ready to Step Up to the Mic?

Not every business needs a podcast. But every business that has a podcast needs to understand what they’re trying to do and why. Starting a podcast for the sake of having a podcast won’t get you very far. Starting a podcast with some solid goals in mind is the only way to go.

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