What Is Retention Marketing?

Last week, we talked about acquisition marketing – the not-so-subtle art of snaring new clients and customers. This week, we’re going to deal with the other side of the...... More »

What Is Acquisition Marketing?

There’s one thing all small businesses need, no matter what they sell: customers. But finding them is often easier said than done. Enter acquisition marketing, which is just a...... More »

What Is Short-Lived Marketing?

On the surface, short-lived marketing (aka ephemeral marketing) is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a “here today, gone tomorrow, don’t blink or you’ll miss it” type of strategy – a response...... More »

Pros and Cons of LinkedIn Marketing

Social media recently delivered one heckuva scare when Facebook and its various subsidies (such as Instagram and WhatsApp) went dark for a good portion of a day. As Zuckerberg...... More »