3 Marketing Trends for Small Businesses in 2014

07 Jan

3 Marketing Trends for Small Businesses in 2014

A new year is here, and we’re celebrating by dusting off our trusty crystal ball and taking a glimpse into this year's marketing trends for small businesses. What will work best for your small business website in 2014? What direction should you take with your advertising? How can you capitalize on this year’s marketing trends? Lean in close and read on. The future is getting clearer....

24 Apr

Why You Need Small Business Social Media

This post was updated on September 14, 2015.   In case you’ve been living on Mars for the last few years (or just trying really hard for that one-way ticket), we feel it’s our duty to remind you of one important little marketing “secret:” Social media is a big thing for your small business. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest -- they’re all just waiting to help...