Take Your Small Business Marketing from Good to Great

If someone were to ask you about the success of your last marketing campaign, you’d probably rate it as “pretty good.” You generated some buzz on social media, converted some browsers into buyers and you’re relatively happy with your success.

But in the small business world, “pretty good” just isn’t good enough. The best small businesses don’t become the best using “pretty good” marketing campaigns — they do it by going above and beyond.

“Pretty good” is a starting point, not a destination.

If you’re ready to take your next small business marketing campaign up a step to “great,” consider implementing one (or all) of these ideas.

Broaden Your Horizons

When it comes to content marketing, you probably have the basics down pat: a regularly updated blog, a social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, and maybe some paid ads sprinkled throughout the internet.

But you can do better than that! Take the leap and broaden your horizons. Start advertising in niche publications to reach your target audience more effectively. Explore some of the less common social media sites. Find less expensive ways to advertise your business so you can get more bang for your buck. There’s a whole new world outside of your traditional content marketing toolbox!

Give Guerilla Marketing a Go

Ads and social media posts are fine — and, if we’re going to be honest, necessary. But “tried and true” isn’t the only way to small business greatness; sometimes, you need to break out of the mold and be a bit “extra.”

Guerilla marketing is one way to do it. From flash sales to flash mobs, sidewalk sales to sidewalk art and even some good old-fashioned social media stirring, the trick is to catch your audience a bit off guard and have some fun!

Revamp Your Brand

Whether you’ve consciously created it or not, your small business has a brand. It’s in your website, your content, your communications and even the way you deal with your customers. But is it working?

To go from good to great, you need to take a close look at the message your brand is sending. Does it tell your story? Is it cohesive? Could a customer pick you out of a lineup based only on your visual and textual cues? If the answer is no, you have some work to do!

Ask the Experts

As small business owners, most of us have a “jack of all trades” attitude. It’s hard to give up even the tiniest bit of control to others, simply because we’ve worked so hard to build what we have. But sometimes, we need to muzzle our inner control freak and get a little expert help.

Do you love blogging but hate creating social media posts? Are you awesome at email but dismal at web design? Would you rather spend the limited amount of time you have dealing directly with customers while your marketing campaign is handled behind the scenes? There’s no shame in outsourcing tedious tasks, or asking for help with the areas of your business that you find most difficult.

It’s time to take your small business from good to great — and simple changes in the way you handle your marketing can make it possible!

Are you ready to get started? So are we! Get in touch with Mischa Communications today and let us help you up your small business game.