6 Marketing Automation Tools Your Business Should Consider

marketing automation tools

Marketing automation tools allow you to personalize your email campaigns, identify and nurture your leads, and target different segments of your audience at different times and with different messages. In short, they tackle complicated marketing tasks, well … automatically.

But some businesses haven’t hopped on the bandwagon just yet, for reasons that run the gamut, from notoriously high price tags to a lack of familiarity with the concept.

Yes, marketing automation tools cost money — sometimes a lot of it. And yes, there is a learning curve, as there is with any type of software program. But the benefits these tools can bring to your business are immense. Consider these stats:

  • 69% of business of marketers say their marketing is at least partially automated.
  • Marketing automation leads to a 173% higher open rate and a 223% higher click-through rate for newsletters and sales mailings.
  • Marketing automation increases qualified leads by 451%. (Not a typo. We double-checked.)

In short, if you’re still on the fence about deploying some marketing automation tools, it’s time to hop down and get started. Here are some of our favorites.

6 Mighty Marketing Automation Tools


With a host of big-name brands under its belt — including Reddit, SoundCloud, Trello, and Frontify — HubSpot rarely disappoints when it comes to marketing automation. And since it also offers a Sales Hub and a Service Hub, your teams can work together across multiple departments. Prices range from a (very basic) free version to a $3,200-per-month option that includes everything but the kitchen sink.


Primarily used for email marketing, Automizy’s main focus is to improve your open rates. It’s full of ways to make your email marketing campaigns more successful and includes a subject line tester, the ability to create segmented emails and even automated A/B tests. Plans start at a mere $9 per month and go up according to the number of active subscribers.


A favorite among many eCommerce businesses, Drip integrates seamlessly with all of your other e-commerce marketing tools. Tons of segmentation options; a clean, simple interface; and a deep focus on data earn Drip a place on our list. Pricing starts at $39 a month for up to 2,500 subscribers.


For a “set it and forget it” option, there aren’t many better choices than CoSchedule. The software makes it easy to automate nearly every aspect of your social media marketing, from scheduling posts in advance to seeing how they performed. The tool also “scores” your content and provides clear suggestions to help you make it better.


In case you haven’t noticed, chatbots are kind of taking over the world. These clever little automated creatures can handle some of your most common customer interactions, and ManyChat lets you build your own bots in minutes with drag-and-drop features — no tech knowledge required!


Looking for marketing automation, integrated email marketing and a customer relationship management (CRM) program? Look no further than ActiveCampaign, a tool that does it all. Plans start at $29 per month, with the most popular plan running $149 monthly for 1,000 contacts.

The Marketing Is Automated. The Choice is Yours!

From all-in-one marketing automation tools to software that simply handles email, social media, chatbots or anything else, there are plenty of options for you to choose from. Some might be a great fit; others might not. Be sure to take advantage of any demos and/or free trials before you make a commitment so you can find what works best for your business!

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