Should You Reach Out to Social Media Influencers?

19 Feb

Should You Reach Out to Social Media Influencers?

Imagine you’re in the market for a new cappuccino maker. You fire up your trusty laptop and head to Amazon, where you’re instantly presented with 876 options. After combing through tons of reviews and spending a solid 20 minutes debating whether you really need the extra attachment that draws hearts and kittens in the foam, you close the laptop in frustration and pledge your undying...

11 Feb

What Should Your Small Business Be Spending MORE Money On?

Money. Moola. Cold, hard cash. If those words send shivers down your spine, you’re probably a small business owner. It’s no secret that small businesses have small budgets. It’s important for you to manage every dollar, dime and penny to the best of your ability. But while it seems counterintuitive, there are a few areas where you should be spending more -- not less --...

04 Feb

Take Your Small Business Marketing from Good to Great

If someone were to ask you about the success of your last marketing campaign, you’d probably rate it as “pretty good.” You generated some buzz on social media, converted some browsers into buyers and you’re relatively happy with your success. But in the small business world, “pretty good” just isn’t good enough. The best small businesses don’t become the best using “pretty good” marketing campaigns...

28 Jan

Amazon’s Alexa: The AI With Serious Small Business “Skills”

She can summon an Uber, order a pizza, play your favorite song, turn up the heat in the living room and remind you to call your mom on her birthday. But is Alexa -- an artificial-intelligence assistant found in Amazon’s Echo smart speakers and other gadgets -- anything more than a clever plaything? The answer, it turns out, is yes -- and she’s gaining quite...

22 Jan

3 Technology Trends That Will Help Grow Your Small Business in 2019

As a small business, one of the most powerful tools at your disposal is technology. The majority of small and medium business owners are already onto this, of course. According to a recent survey by CDW, a tech solutions provider for businesses, 73% of respondents are already using the cloud in some capacity. That doesn’t just mean email, but also storage and web hosting. As more intelligent...

14 Jan

Brick-and-Mortar Small Businesses Still Have a Place in an Online World

It’s an online world out there. has just come off a record-breaking holiday season. According to the e-commerce behemoth, small and midsize businesses profited like never before: More than 50 percent of items sold came from the “little guys.” With these stats in mind, is there any point to a brick-and-mortar shop anymore? Should you even bother with the headache of securing a lease...

07 Jan

Small Business Digital Marketing Techniques That Are Worth the Wait

Digital marketing has been around since the advent of the internet. The concept includes both inbound and outbound strategies, and the umbrella term encompasses everything from email marketing to pay-per-click ads to awesome new tactics such as chatbots, augmented reality and beyond. It’s a fast-paced world out there. Very few small business owners have time for the long game; everyone is looking for the next “quick fix,”...

24 Dec

Get a Jump on Your 2019 Small Business Marketing Plan

It’s that time of year again. Your neighbor’s 850-watt holiday lights are shining through your window, preventing sleep for the foreseeable future. Every retail establishment seems to have “Jingle Bell Rock” on repeat. And you’re settling down for a (probably short) winter’s nap. However, before you pull that sleep mask down over your eyes and resolve to remain in your blanket fort until the new...

16 Dec

End-of-Year Tax Considerations for Small Businesses

Another year is drawing to a close. While most of us are busy making merry, gathering with friends and family, and trying to remember where we stashed the Christmas gifts we bought back in July, there’s something else we should be preparing for: tax time. While Uncle Sam doesn’t come calling until well after Santa is relaxing on a beach in Bermuda, time is running...

10 Dec

Small Business Social Media: The Next Horizons

When you think of social media sites, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn probably are the first three to come to mind. Dig a bit deeper and you’ll probably add Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat to the list. But there are several other social media platforms that are flying under your radar -- but may still take your small business places that you’ve never been before. Yes, there are...