Getting Started With Google AdWords: A Small Business Guide

18 Sep

Getting Started With Google AdWords: A Small Business Guide

This is part one of a three-part series on using Google AdWords to maximize your small business advertising campaigns. Check back each Monday for a new installment. When your free marketing ventures aren’t quite cutting it (or cutting it so well that you have advertising cash burning a hole in your pocket), sometimes it makes sense to “pay to play” -- and there are few better ways to...

17 Jul

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Mistakes You Might Be Making (And How to Fix Them)

Driving traffic to your website is important. But what is all that traffic doing once it gets there? Are you making sales? Getting people to take the action you want them to take? In short -- are you converting? Conversion rate optimization (CRO for short) is the process of increasing the number of visitors taking a specific action -- whether it’s filling out a form,...

15 May

Facebook Advertising: How to Maximize Your Small Business Ad Bucks

Here's a fast fact about Facebook advertising: According to Hootsuite, Facebook mobile ads have 9.1x higher click-through rates than ads found anywhere else on the web. The takeaway? If you’re not advertising on Facebook yet, you should be. The good news is that Facebook ads are pretty cheap -- you can start advertising on a budget of $5 a day! With that said, small businesses...

24 Apr

4 Easy Ways to Boost Targeted Traffic to Your Small Business Website

Often times, sales is a game of sheer numbers – you need a ton of people to see your product in hopes that a few of them will want to buy. But what if most of your audience is already interested in what you’re selling? That’s called targeted traffic, and it’s a much more efficient use of your marketing resources. These high-quality visitors not only...

Is Small Business SEM Worth It? 3 Things You Need to Know

Search engines such as Google are fickle, funny things. The algorithms seem to change daily, and what worked great yesterday might be a flop today. If your small business is struggling to climb the search rankings with little to no success, search engine marketing -- or SEM for short -- might be right for you. SEM is a type of paid advertising -- think a Google AdWords campaign -- that makes your website more visible in keyword searches. You’re essentially paying a fee to cut ahead in line, rather than waiting for your (presumably awesome) site to climb its way to the top organically. Sounds easy, right? Not so fast. While SEM can and does work very well for many...

09 Oct

5 Ways to Prep Your Small Business for the 2016 Holiday Season

Believe it or not, the 2016 holiday season is right around the corner. Is your small business ready? Although it may seem crazy to start prepping for Christmas before most kids have even decided on a Halloween costume, mapping out your game plan now -- while you have the time -- will put you ahead of the curve! We’re not suggesting you deck your social...

25 Jan

3 Ways to Market Your Small Business for $500

If you’re reading this blog post instead of sitting on a private yacht somewhere in the Caribbean, we’re going to assume that you (like us) did not win the gigantic Powerball jackpot. Of course, while all that money could certainly transform your small business overnight, you still can turbo-charge your company with a much smaller sum. Get the most out of your budget – check...

21 Dec

When Should Your Small Business Pay for Advertising?

As cool as it would be for all advertising to be free, it’s just not. Sure, there are tons of options out there to market your small business without spending a dime, but they don’t all work, and some that do only help a little bit. Sometimes, you have to pay up. But when should you “pay to play” when it comes to advertising, and...

20 Jul

3 Tips for Boosting Small Business Event Attendance

Sideshow barkers are an important part of a circus’ marketing scheme. After all, the action in the three rings certainly isn’t the only action. The fire breathers, two-headed lizards and sword swallowers certainly add some value to the experience and the event’s profits. But your small business isn’t a circus…even if it feels like one at times! So you probably don’t have any lions, acrobats...

08 May

Truth in Marketing: 3 Tips to Keep Your Small Business Honest

Promoting your small business is a vital part of your job. If no one’s willing to buy what you’re selling, you’re sunk. But while you should never sell yourself short, some small business owners get so caught up in marketing themselves that they make themselves look a bit taller than they really are. While stretching the truth may seem like a quick way to get...