5 Call-to-Action (CTA) Examples You Can’t Resist

a person pressing a call to action button

No marketing missive, no matter how big or small, is complete without some kind of call to action (henceforth known as a CTA). This is your end game — the part where you tell a potential customer the next step you want them to take, whatever that might be.

Do you want them to subscribe to your emails? Register for a product demonstration or webinar? Start their free trial? Now is the time to tell them!

But just any old call to action won’t do. There’s nothing especially compelling about “Click here to subscribe” and “Register now to start your free trial” doesn’t exactly have people spraining their finger in their eagerness to follow the link.

If you want a CTA that gets results, check out some of these examples.

5 Great Call-to-Action Examples


Mastercard call-to-action message example

While the BMO CashBack Mastercard uses a simple “Apply now” CTA, the benefits of applying are right there on the screen in front of you. The ad makes a promise (Get a response in under 60 seconds), creates a sense of urgency (the cash back rewards are offered for a limited time only) and provides a couple easy-to-understand perks of the card, creating a highly effective call to action.


Netflix call-to-action message example

Although Netflix is now so ubiquitous that the company could probably do away with advertising entirely and still rake in plenty of cash, their CTA in this ad contains a magic word: “free.” It also makes it clear that users can cancel at any time, leading people to the conclusion that they have absolutely nothing to lose by starting their trial.


Monster call-to-action message example

Two little words make a big statement in this ad from Monster.

By implying that the company can help you “find better” jobs, employers and career advice just by entering a keyword and a location, they’re not only capturing the attention of the unemployed job seekers, they’re also piquing the interest of those who are currently employed but interested in what else is out there.

And if you’re neither of those target candidates, the small print in the bottom includes a CTA for employers and recruiters, too!

SEM Rush

SEM Rush call-to-action message example

SEM Rush is all about utility with this CTA. The company isn’t immediately trying to get your email address or have you sign up for a demo. They want to prove their worth straight out of the gate by having you try their tool right from the ad, moving you forward in the conversion process with just a few keystrokes.

World Vision

World Vision call-to-action message example

World Vision isn’t wasting words with this CTA designed to provide struggling communities with clean water. You know exactly what you’re giving when you hit one of the “give now” buttons, be it clean water for a family or a new well for all to enjoy. (The photos of smiling, obviously excited kiddos don’t hurt, either!)

Does Your CTA Convert?

The right call to action can make all the difference in the world for your next marketing campaign. Before you phone it in with a boring “sign up” or “subscribe” button, consider all of your options and come up with a CTA that really converts!

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