Four of the Most Inspiring Marketing Campaigns of 2020

most inspiring marketing campaigns 2020

To say 2020 has been interesting would be quite the understatement. Even if you disregard the political strife, large-scale protests and global pandemic, 2020 is still the year that brought us murder hornets, flying snakes and strange monoliths appearing out of nowhere.

But it hasn’t been 100% bad. Some truly inspiring marketing campaigns came out of the Great 2020 Dumpster Fire. A few made us laugh. A few made us cry. And all of them deserve a place on this list.

A “Whopper” of a Marketing Campaign

Why would you advertise your signature burger covered with mold? To substantiate your claims (and take a dig at the competition), of course!

In an effort to be more health-conscious, Burger King removed all artificial flavors, colors and preservatives from the Whopper. Then they proceeded to let it sit out for over a month, documenting the process as they went.

The result was, predictably, a mold-covered monstrosity that probably smelled even worse than it looked. And that’s exactly what BK was going for. Not only did they prove to their audience that their burger was 100% “real,” but they also took a not-so-subtle dig at McDonalds, whose burgers are known to barely change appearance after 20 years.

Kohl’s Reminds Us of the Power of Connection

You’ll want to grab the tissues for this one.

Set to a Willie Nelson cover of “Rainbow Connection” (yes, the Kermit the Frog song), this Kohl’s ad chronicles the unlikely friendship between an elderly woman and her young neighbor.

The pair communicate through handwritten signs held up in their respective windows. All is going well until one day the older woman doesn’t appear. Her last sign finally falls to the floor, leaving the little girl forlorn.

In a Christmas miracle, she returns, sporting a new hospital bracelet on her wrist that explains her absence. She holds up a sign asking the little girl if she got what she wished for, earning an excited nod in return – the subtle undertone suggesting that what the girl wished for was for her elderly friend to come home.

The spot is an emotional reminder that even though we may be physically apart this year, there’s always a way to come together.

Expedia Invites You to Take a Trip

On the surface, a travel company inviting you to plan your next vacation during a global pandemic when most people aren’t even comfortable leaving their homes comes off more than a little tone-deaf. But Expedia had a solution.

In the company’s “Let’s Take a Trip” ad spot, a couple uses things they find around the house to recreate vacation experiences during quarantine. It’s equal parts cutesy and hopeful, as the spot ends with the words “Imagine where we’ll go. Together.”

It’s a nice reminder that someday, things just might go back to normal.

A Dutch Mail-Order Pharmacy Leaves the World in Tears

In what might be the pinnacle of 2020 marketing, Dutch mail-order pharmacy Doc Morris has found its way into America’s hearts.

The lengthy spot feels more like a short film than a commercial and follows an elderly gentleman on his quest to get in shape. We watch him struggle (and fail) to lift a kettlebell. As the spot progresses, so does he, looking at a framed photograph for inspiration.

Dressed in his Christmas finery, he appears on his family’s doorstep, handing his granddaughter a gaily wrapped package that turns out to be a star for the top of the Christmas tree. And the dusty kettlebell finally makes sense as he lifts her up so she can put the star in its place.

Doc Morris doesn’t do business in the USA, but if it did, we’d be buying!

Where Will You Find Inspiration in 2021?

It hasn’t been a banner year for anyone, but at least it’s provided plenty of marketing material! Whether your next marketing campaign is sweet, sappy or somewhere in between, these ads provide an example of how to do it right!

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