5 Tools to Make Your Small Business Content “Pop”

24 Jul

5 Tools to Make Your Small Business Content “Pop”

Small business content creation can be tough. It’s time-consuming, often frustrating and arguably one of a small business owner’s least favorite jobs. It’s also necessary if you want to succeed. Content is still king, despite what you may have heard -- except now, it has to be great content. No more hiring foreign “writers” who work for pennies but haven’t quite grasped the concept of...

26 Dec

Get “Stylish” With a Small Business Style Guide

If your small business was an outfit, what would it look like? Would it be a smart, dapper suit paired with highly polished shoes, or a loud, checkered coat worn over polka-dot pajama bottoms and striped galoshes (hey, maybe you're in the clown industry)? Your business has a style, for better or for worse. It’s reflected in the look of your website and logo, the...

25 Jan

3 Ways to Market Your Small Business for $500

If you’re reading this blog post instead of sitting on a private yacht somewhere in the Caribbean, we’re going to assume that you (like us) did not win the gigantic Powerball jackpot. Of course, while all that money could certainly transform your small business overnight, you still can turbo-charge your company with a much smaller sum. Get the most out of your budget – check...

28 Sep

Editors Keep an Eye on Your Small Business

Typos, while certainly undesirable, won’t have a long-lasting effect on your small business, right? A couple of transposed letters or an extra space between two words or a simple misspelling won’t make or break you … right? Well … Macy’s knows the pain of a poor edit all too well. In 2013, the department store sent out a mailer offering a $1,500 silver necklace for...