Precision Counts: Editing Services Keep Your Marketing Sharp

editing services

As a business marketer, you’ve made a conscious decision to create your own content. That’s fantastic! It’s not something everyone can (or is willing) to do.

But now that your content is created, what do you do with it?

If you answered “publish it immediately,” we’re going to respectfully say “wrong.”

First, you need an editor.

It’s nothing personal. Everyone needs an editor. NASA learned this the hard way when a single missed hyphen in the code made an $80 million rocket go ka-boom five minutes after liftoff.

Are you interested in learning more about what great editing services can do for you? We have you covered.

4 Big Reasons You Need Editing Services

Artificial Intelligence Isn’t Always Intelligent

It’s 2023. Autocorrect and other AI editing functions are ubiquitous, it’s nearly impossible to misspell anything, and even the simplest of grammatical or contextual errors are underlined in Word for our convenience. Why do we still need editors?

Because Word doesn’t know that you really meant 15% off, not 51% off, or that you accidentally omitted the word “hot” from the copy, which now promises your customers “Free dogs until noon.”

A good editor would have caught all of that. But now you’re stuck selling your flagship product for rock-bottom prices and all your customers are wondering where their free Labradors are.

Clarity Is Crucial

You have a story to tell. But are you telling it in a way that your audience understands?

As a business owner, you know all the ins and outs of what you do each day. And because of that, it’s pretty easy to overlook the fact that your customers don’t have the same knowledge base. So while you’re droning on about X, Y and Z, your audience hasn’t even been introduced to A, B and C.

Get editing services can act as a liaison between what you want your customers to understand and what your customers want to know. And that outside perspective can be instrumental in creating lasting connections.

Your Audience Demands Accuracy

If you want people to do business with you, you need to earn their trust. The quickest way to do that: Say what you mean and mean what you say.

For better or worse, your content is a direct reflection on your brand. And people aren’t exactly lining up around to block to do business with a brand whose content is riddled with typos, inaccuracies, shoddy research, or other errors an editor could’ve tackled.

A good editor will ensure your content lives up to the image your brand has created for itself so there’s no disconnect between the stellar service you offer and the messages you send to your audience.

Everyone Needs an Editor

No shame here; it’s just a simple fact. It is virtually impossible to edit your own work. Mischa Communications has an entire team of amazing writers/editors and even we don’t edit our own work — we rely on other team members to do it for us.

Why? Because it’s all too easy to overlook the obvious when you’re the one who wrote the obvious. Your brain knows what you meant, so it overlooks the little (and slightly less little) mistakes when you’re reading it over for the second or 16th time.

Do you know who’s not going to overlook the obvious? An editor.

The Pen Is Mightier Than the Sword (And Often Just as Sharp!)

Editing services are more than just proofreading. Sure, editors are always on the lookout for misplaced commas and instances of “your” vs. “you’re.” But they do so much more than that, from making sure your blogs are focused and on point to keeping your marketing messaging clear and consistent over time. You simply can’t afford to be without one!

At Mischa Communications, our red pens are always at the ready. Let us help you get your message across and ensure nothing is lost in translation. Here’s how to get started!