5 SEO Myths (And the Truths You Should Know)

25 Jun

5 SEO Myths (And the Truths You Should Know)

Google is a secretive beast. No one is ever quite sure how and why they prioritize one site and shove another to the bottom of the barrel. And because Google’s algorithms are so mysterious, people love to speculate. Unsurprisingly, the speculation is often way off base. Ask 10 people a question about SEO and you’ll likely get 10 different answers. Everyone is an “expert,” but...

21 May

Search Optimization: How to Make Google Love Your Blog

If a blog post pops up on the internet but no one is around to read it, does it make an impact? The short answer is “no.” The long answer is “no, definitely not.” It could be the best blog post you’ve ever written, jam-packed with information that could change the course of human nature (or at least solve the Laurel vs. Yanny debate). But...

16 Oct

Is Google AMP Right for Your Small Business?

Google says that more than half of us will ditch a mobile site if it takes longer than three seconds to load. For small businesses, that’s a big problem. So Google decided to level the playing field a bit by introducing Accelerated Mobile Pages -- AMP for short. AMP pages load up to 85% faster than regular, non-AMP pages, presumably satisfying your audience’s need for...

24 Jul

5 Tools to Make Your Small Business Content “Pop”

Small business content creation can be tough. It’s time-consuming, often frustrating and arguably one of a small business owner’s least favorite jobs. It’s also necessary if you want to succeed. Content is still king, despite what you may have heard -- except now, it has to be great content. No more hiring foreign “writers” who work for pennies but haven’t quite grasped the concept of...

01 May

Keyword Research for Your Small Business Website: A Beginner’s Guide

Keywords drive traffic to your small business blog and website. That’s good. But the right kind of keywords can drive the right kind of traffic, and that’s even better. Targeted keywords can spell the difference between browsers and buyers -- but how do you come up with them? Keyword research, of course! To attract the right type of traffic, you have to know what real...

17 Oct

What Google Penguin 4.0 Means for Small Business SEO

There’s a new penguin in town. On Sept. 23, Google officially rolled out Penguin 4.0 -- an updated version that promises to be faster and fairer than previous algorithms. But what on earth does a waddling, flightless seabird have to do with your small business SEO? We’ve got the answers. How Does Penguin 4.0 Differ from Previous Versions? When granddaddy Penguin made his debut in...

19 Sep

A Small Business Content SEO Checklist

Contrary to popular opinion, search engine optimization (SEO) is alive, kicking and relevant. But that doesn’t mean the rules remain the same as they were a few years ago. Gone are the days of article spinning and keyword stuffing -- today’s search engines are smarter, speedier and trained against nefarious tricks. So how does a small business climb the search rankings in a world where...

01 Jun

Small Business SEO Tips to Help You Climb the Search Ranks

Alchemy. Centuries ago, it was the “science” of the day that tried to accomplish tasks like turning base metals into gold. While alchemists never quite replicated the yellow metal, they were successful in a number of other applications – even if those successes couldn’t be explained. Search engine optimization (SEO) is kind of the same concept. People know it works, but few know how it...

19 Jun

5 Must-Have Online Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Marketing your small business online can seem like a daunting task when you’re first getting started. You’ve got to learn different platforms, hone your message … there’s just a lot to take in. Countless online marketing tools claim to help you save time and reach more customers, but some are simply more effective than others. Here are five must-have online marketing tools for small businesses...

07 Jan

3 Marketing Trends for Small Businesses in 2014

A new year is here, and we’re celebrating by dusting off our trusty crystal ball and taking a glimpse into this year's marketing trends for small businesses. What will work best for your small business website in 2014? What direction should you take with your advertising? How can you capitalize on this year’s marketing trends? Lean in close and read on. The future is getting clearer....