5 SEO Myths (And the Truths You Should Know)

SEO myths

Google is a secretive beast. No one is ever quite sure how and why they prioritize one site and shove another to the bottom of the barrel. And because Google’s algorithms are so mysterious, people love to speculate.

Unsurprisingly, the speculation is often way off base.

Ask 10 people a question about SEO and you’ll likely get 10 different answers. Everyone is an “expert,” but very few people understand what’s really going on, preferring to parrot information they’ve gleaned from the internet. (And just because it’s on the internet doesn’t necessarily mean it’s true.)

Stop believing everything you read! Mischa Communication has the scoop on SEO myths and the truth behind them!

Myth #1: Keywords Don’t Matter if Your Content Is Awesome

Back in the early days of SEO, keywords were the be-all end-all for ranking on Google. The more keywords you could cram in your blog post, the better.

That all has changed, but it doesn’t mean keywords aren’t important! While keyword “stuffing” will get you penalized, having no keywords at all still can get you cast into obscurity, no matter how much quality content you have.

Keywords still are necessary, but they have to be the right keywords. Using a keyword planner tool can help you write content people are searching for, allowing your site to climb the ranks.

Myth #2: SEO Is “Set It and Forget It”

All too many people honestly believe that SEO is a one-time activity — once you’re “done,” there’s no reason to touch it ever again.

Wrong! SEO is an ongoing process, not a standalone activity. Google’s algorithms are always changing, and if your site doesn’t change with them, you’re dead in the water.

Think of your SEO strategy as your inventory. If your products sit on the shelf gathering dust and there’s never anything new for a customer to see, are they going to keep visiting your shop?

Myth #3: You Can “Cheat” Your Way to the Top

There are plenty of shady agencies out there that will “guarantee” you top placement on the Google search results page for a low, low fee of $99, $199 or $499.

Don’t hold your breath.

SEO takes finesse. It takes a solid strategy. Most of all, it takes time. And shelling out your hard-earned cash to some internet shyster can cost you more than money — it can actually get you penalized by Google, since they way they attempt to get you on the front page is by creating tons of spammy backlinks. And Google does notlike spammy backlinks.

Never trust anyone who says they can get you to the first page quickly. Google doesn’t offer a shortcut to the top.

Myth #4: Social Media Doesn’t Factor Into SEO

While it’s true Google doesn’t trawl your Facebook page or rank you based on your Twitter followers, that doesn’t mean that social media isn’t a valuable component to your overall SEO strategy.

Social media drives traffic back to your website. It’s also useful for establishing credibility, and it makes it easy for others to share your posts on their own websites, creating valuable backlinks.

Continue engaging your social media fans and followers. Even if it doesn’t directly factor into your SEO strategy, it still can (indirectly) help you get where you’re going.

Bonus tip: While your social media pages may not mean much in Google’s all-seeing eyes, Microsoft’s Bing, the second most popular search engine, does include social media as a ranking factor!

Myth #5: SEO Is All You Need (Or, You Don’t Need SEO)

Many small businesses approach SEO as an all or nothing solution — either it’s the only thing they do, or they don’t do it at all.

The truth is, you need SEO, but you can’t rely on SEO alone for success! In addition, you need to identify and write for your target market, continuously test your website to determine what works best (and what doesn’t work at all!) and make your website as user-friendly as possible.

SEO myths are everywhere. Some are more dangerous than others, but believing any of them offhand can hurt your business. A reputable marketing firm (like Mischa Communications) can help you cut through the crazy talk and get straight to the heart of the matter!

If you have questions, we have answers. Mischa Communications is just a call or click away!