Small Business Video Marketing: The Real Deal?

03 Dec

Small Business Video Marketing: The Real Deal?

When it comes to online preferences, there are two groups of people: Those who love their content in video form, and everyone else. Lately, however, the “everyone else” group has been dwindling, with 45 percent of respondents to a recent Animoto survey indicating that they prefer video over any other social media medium. This news comes on the heels of reports that Facebook, everyone’s favorite...

23 Jul

Will YouTube Work for Your Small Business Marketing?

YouTube. To some, it’s a video sharing site that your kids use to watch videos of other kids playing games, making slime or “unboxing” their recent Amazon deliveries. But does it have a place in small business marketing? Is it a useful addition to your overall strategy? In short, is the time and effort you put in to making a video and sharing it with...

17 Apr

3 Benefits of Small Business Video Marketing

Millions of people watch online videos every day – so if your small business doesn’t have videos out there for their perusal, you’re missing out on an massive captive audience. While small business video marketing doesn’t need to be a huge part of your budget, the popularity of YouTube, Vine and Facebook videos certainly suggest you should at least give this medium a whirl. Here’s...

22 Jan

Video Killed the Radio Star But It Can Help Your Small Business

It’s a visual world out there. The success of YouTube, Vine and Flickr can attest to that. One hundred million Internet users watch online video each day. That’s a pretty big market to capture! Adding video to your small business website and social media pages isn’t just a tip, it’s a must. Video boosts search results, accommodates visual learners and welcomes new clientele to your...