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Should You Add Vlogging to Your Business Marketing Plan?

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Vlogging is just what it sounds like: blogging in video format. Instead of sitting behind your keyboard typing words, you’re facing the camera and saying those words out loud.

But is it right for everyone?

There’s no denying that quality content is vital to your business marketing strategy. But the type of content that works best often depends heavily on the industry you’re in.

Financial institutions and fintech firms tend to rely more heavily on “formal” content like white papers and case studies. The service industry benefits from how-to posts and videos. Photographers, restaurateurs and fashion designers do best with photos, Instagram stories and user-generated content.

Considering starting a vlog for your business? Here’s what you need to know.

5 Big Benefits of Vlogging

There are plenty of benefits to vlogging. Consider the following:

  1. Video content is 1,200% more effective than any other type of content, and your viewers will retain 95% of the information they learn from a vlog.
  2. Vlogging humanizes your brand and allows your viewers to see with their own eyes who you are as a business owner. It’s a great way to introduce the face(s) behind the brand.
  3. Google prioritizes video content. The search engine giant is all about giving people what they want, and people want video. Google’s algorithms reward sites with high-quality, relevant videos.
  4. Vlogs are inherently sharable. Spend a few minutes scrolling your social media feed and we’ll bet dollars to donuts that you’re going to see far more shared videos than shared blog posts. We’re not saying that you’ll go viral — but we’re not saying you won’t, either. And at the very least, you’ll reach people who you wouldn’t have reached otherwise.
  5. Vlogging boosts engagement. When you write a blog post, people feel like you’re talking at them. When you vlog, they feel like you’re talking to them — and they’ll be more likely to interact and keep the conversation going.

Can Your Business Benefit from Vlogging?

The benefits of vlogging are clear. What’s not so clear is whether it’s right for your particular business.

If you’re considering starting a vlog, ask yourself this one simple question: Will a vlog hold my audience’s interest?

Some businesses are made for vlogging. If you own a bungee jumping company, your audience definitely wants to see people taking the leap. If you’re the captain of a deep-sea fishing boat, your audience will be thrilled to see you go live while you’re in your element. If you’re a dog trainer, your audience wants to watch you in action before they sign up their new Pomeranian up for puppy preschool.

But not all businesses need a vlog. An accountant vlogging about tax law probably isn’t going to captivate many people. A small chemicals manufacturer might struggle to find things to talk about. And there’s not a huge demand for vlogs about septic systems.

In short: There’s no point in creating a vlog if no one is going to watch it.

Vlogs, Blogs and Beyond: Mischa Communications Does It All!

Every business needs content, but it’s important to find the type of content that resonates with your audience and your industry. If vlogging doesn’t fit the bill, that’s OK! There are plenty of other mediums, no matter how traditionally “boring” your business might be!

Whether you’re looking to add some oomph to your existing content marketing strategy or create one from scratch, Mischa Communications is here to make your life a whole lot easier. Ready, set, go!