4 Video Marketing Tactics to Catch Your Customers’ Eyes

video marketing tactics

People really, really love online videos.

A few quick stats to drive home the point:

  • 69% of consumers prefer video over text when it comes to learning about your products and services.
  • 60% prefer online video over television.
  • 50% will watch a video before making a purchase.
  • 87% actually want to see more video from your brand.

If you’re not already including video in your marketing strategy, that’s a big problem. Because 87% of businesses — otherwise known as your competitors — definitely are.

Whether you’re already a pro behind the camera or are still debating making your directorial debut, here are four video marketing tactics you should take for a test drive.

4 Types of Marketing Videos You Should Try

Live Video

Are you looking to improve your audience engagement, foster a better connection, increase brand awareness, and reach people who would normally be unreachable due to distance or other limitations?

Live video is right up your alley.

Whether you’re providing a behind-the-scenes tour, launching a new product or service or just popping on for a quick Q&A, going live lets you engage with your audience in real time and feels more authentic than other types of video marketing. In other words: Live video is a great way to click with your customers.

Pre-Recorded Vlogs

If you prefer to control the (scripted) narrative in your videos, vlogging might be right for you. You still get all of the benefits of video, but without having to worry about audience interaction or the stutters, stammers and awkward pauses that can plague livestreams.

Vlogs are great for your business because they’re super sharable, making it easy to expand your reach without even trying. And all those new people you’re reaching will retain an amazing 95% of what they learn in a vlog, making it far more valuable than other types of content!

Video “Stories”

If you want to make a splash on social media, video “stories” are always a good bet.

These short, fun videos automatically self-destruct after a set period of time, depending on the platform. For instance, Instagram and Facebook stories are only visible for 24 hours; YouTube stories hang around for seven days.

Stories allow you to experiment with your content and see what works and what doesn’t. If it flops, no big deal! It’s gone as quickly as it came. Stories also are great for short-term promotions or flash deals because there’s no risk of them sticking around on your timeline and confusing your audience after the offers have ended.

AR/VR Videos

AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) videos might just be the future of business marketing.

Imagine giving your customers the ability to shop for a new couch online and see exactly how it’ll look next to their existing love seat. With augmented reality, that’s a possibility.

What about taking your audience on a tour of your factory with you as their own personal guide, no matter how far away they live? Virtual reality for the win!

Although AR and VR aren’t the easiest videos to create and implement, it’s absolutely a tactic worth considering!

Is Your Brand (Video) Camera-Ready?

In 2023, video marketing is something that your brand definitely can’t afford to ignore. Experimenting with a variety of video tactics and finding what works best for your business turns trial and error into tried and true!

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