What Is Outbound Marketing?

outbound marketing

When you think of traditional marketing, you’re typically thinking about outbound marketing.

Last week, we talked about the art of inbound marketing — that is, attracting customers to your small business with strategies you already have in place like your website, social pages and blog. The other side of the coin is outbound marketing.

If inbound marketing is waiting patiently beside a meticulously set trap baited with exactly what your customer is looking for, outbound is a hot pursuit through the wilderness that only ends when you jump on your customer’s back and drag them into the cave. (Metaphorically speaking, of course. Please don’t actually jump on and/or drag your potential customers.)

The point is that inbound marketing is quiet and subtle. Outbound marketing is louder and a bit more in your face. And you need both.

Here’s what you need to know.

Outbound Marketing 101

Outbound marketing is the act of putting your brand in front of potential customers. You’re not drawing them in; you’re going out and finding them.

Some examples of outbound marketing include:

At first glance, most of these tactics seem, well … annoying. No one loves their favorite TV show being interrupted by a cold call. They don’t want spam in their inbox. And they certainly don’t want someone standing in their way babbling on about a product or service when they’re just trying to get a corndog at the county fair.

But there are plenty of ways to master outbound marketing without irritating your potential customers. (Click on the links above for some great tips.)

Why Is Outbound Effective?

Despite being a harder sell than inbound marketing, outbound marketing is still around. Why? Because it works. Here are some benefits.

Increased Brand Recognition

You can’t get customers if they don’t know you exist — and without customers, you don’t have a business. Being seen is pretty important, especially for newer, smaller businesses. And even if you don’t make a sale right now, you’ve at least got the introductions out of the way.

Immediate Sales

Sometimes you don’t know you want something until you see it — and once you do, you just have to have it. Outbound marketing gets your super-cool product in a potential customer’s hands, leading to plenty of opportunity for impulse buys.

A Better Picture of Your Target Market

Outbound marketing isn’t known as a highly personalized strategy. You’re not picking and choosing who you market to; you’re foisting your brand upon the masses and hoping someone bites.

The cool part about this is that by seeing who bites (and more importantly, who doesn’t), you’re getting a real-life picture of your target market, which can serve you well in future marketing campaigns.

There’s No Hidden Agenda

Advertisements are all around us every day. We see them on TV, hear them on the radio, read them in the newspaper. And because we’re so used to traditional (read: outbound) marketing, there’s a tendency, especially among the older generation, to trust it more than all that newfangled “pretend this isn’t an advertisement” advertising.

The Bottom Line: Give It a Shot!

Outbound marketing isn’t a cure-all for your ailments. Done incorrectly, it can come across as pushy and brutish. But, when coupled with an outstanding inbound marketing strategy, it’s a useful addition to your arsenal.

Whether you’re in, out, or somewhere in between, Mischa Communications has the staff and the solutions your small business needs. Are you ready to hop aboard?