Why It Pays to Join Your Local Chamber of Commerce

picture of a chamber of commerce

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a group of people in your area who got together and formed a sort of “club” for small business owners like yourself? A place you could bounce ideas off of each other and turn to for help? A bunch of other people who understand the triumphs (and occasional tragedies) of small business ownership?

If that sounds like a dream come true, you’re in luck. These groups exist all over the country, and chances are sky-high that you’ll find one in your area!

We’re talking, of course, about your local chamber of commerce. And the benefits of joining can’t be beat! Here’s why it pays to become a member.

A Bunch of Heads Are Better than One

Anyone who has owned a business for more than two minutes or so has encountered a problem. Not a normal, easy-to-solve problem. A massive, head-scratching, “What-the-heck-do-I-do-now?” conundrum.

Maybe your marketing campaign isn’t taking hold. Maybe you’re being priced out by the big box store that just moved in. Or maybe your shop’s attic has a pesky badger infestation that’s scaring away the clientele.

Whatever your problem, there’s someone in the chamber of commerce who has faced (and overcome) that exact thing, and they’re more than happy to share tips and advice with other members.

You’ll Save Money

Joining a chamber of commerce isn’t free. To reap the sweet rewards, you’ll have to kick in some cold, hard cash each month in the form of dues. Some chambers charge a yearly fee on top of (or sometimes in lieu of) dues. The price you’ll pay to play is usually determined by the size of your business, with smaller businesses typically shelling out $30 to $40 a month.

But the money you’re paying for membership often comes with some pretty fantastic discounts. Depending on the size of your chamber, you might qualify for group rates on things like shipping, insurance, accounting services — even marketing costs!

You also might enjoy a few informal, quid pro quo discounts between chamber members. The local restaurant supply company, for instance, may give your bistro a certain percentage off your weekly order if you agree to cater their quarterly meetings at cost.

Increased Visibility and Credibility

For a small business that’s just starting out, building a following and gaining credibility can be difficult. The chamber of commerce can help with both.

First, you’ll have access to a wider audience through the chamber — people who can promote your business on their official website and social media channels. People who might not have known your business even existed before are suddenly appearing on your doorstep without you having to do a single thing.

A chamber of commerce membership also lends credence to your small business. Just by being a member, you become more attractive to the community, with one study claiming that nearly half of shoppers think higher of chamber-connected businesses and that 80% were more likely to make a purchase from chamber members.

Join Your Chamber of Commerce, Help Your Small Business Grow

Although networking, discounts, and increased visibility and credibility are certainly the three biggest benefits to joining your local chamber of commerce, they’re far from the only perks. You’ll also have access to chamber-sponsored professional development, opportunities to help your community through charity drives, fundraisers and sponsorships — you might even find your next small business partner!

Could your small business marketing use a slight tune-up before you introduce it to the chamber members? Mischa Communications is ready to make you shine! Get in touch today!