Why Small Business Saturday Is So Important This Year

This year hasn’t exactly been stellar for anyone, but 2020 has hit small businesses disproportionately hard. And that’s what makes Small Business Saturday more important than ever.

Increased sanitation requirements. Dwindling crowds. Economic collapse. If 2020 was a movie, it would be a Michael Bay disaster flick complete with explosions and an uber-dramatic soundtrack.

While the big-box stores have (mostly) been able to weather the storm, small businesses are floundering. Many have experienced mandatory shutdowns. Those lucky enough to avoid the shutdowns are seeing less customers with less disposable income.

Things are certainly looking bleak, but there is a bright spot on the horizon: the holiday shopping season in general and Small Business Saturday in particular.

Here’s a deeper look at why it’s more important than ever this year.

It’s Do or Die for Many

According to a survey by the National Federation of Independent Business, 1 in 5 small businesses reported they’re making 50% or less than they were pre-pandemic. Twenty percent of business owners said that they’d have to close up shop if economic conditions don’t improve in six months, and another 19% said they could only make it seven to 12 months under current conditions.

It’s literally do or die for these small businesses, and Small Business Saturday could be just the boost they need. That’s especially true if they extend the event to last all season like many large retailers have done for Black Friday this year.

The Future Is Uncertain

Although there is some disagreement about which coronavirus wave we’re currently riding, it’s clear that cases are beginning to climb again. States that had previously eased some restrictions are looking sideways at that decision now, and there is every possibility that shutdowns will resume in high-case areas.

Every dollar matters today when the state might shut you down tomorrow.

Federal help, readily available at the beginning of the pandemic, is running dry. And while negotiations for a new stimulus deal are ongoing, there are no guarantees that additional help will come in time.

It really is a “live for the moment” situation. Small business owners need to capitalize on every opportunity, and Small Business Saturday is the best one on offer right now.

Everyone Needs a Morale Boost

While the financials are important, there’s one more reason this Small Business Saturday is crucial: We need it now more than ever. Not as customers, not as small business owners, just as people. Members of the same team.

We need the lights. We need the music. And we need the feeling of solidarity, the “peace on Earth, goodwill to men” vibe that comes with the holiday season. Customers want to feel like they’re supporting the little guy. Small business owners want to feel like they’re providing a bit of light for their customers in such a dark time.

Small Business Saturday is an opportunity to make money, yes. But it’s also an opportunity to come together and spread some (socially distanced) love and laughter in a tough year. And that’s what really matters.

How Will You Celebrate Small Business Saturday?

Whether you’re having a one-day blowout sale or making Small Business Saturday a season-long event, it’s just about time to get the party started. Make it great!

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