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9 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Small Business

small business new year's resolutions 2022

A new year is here, all sparkly and filled with potential. It’s a time when we believe anything is possible and vow to be the best versions of ourselves from here on out.

You’ve probably made some resolutions for yourself. You’ll eat better, exercise more and finally get around to watching all 472 Marvel movies — in chronological order!

It’s important for us to have personal resolutions. They give us something to strive for and help us become better people. So it just makes sense that your small business should have some resolutions of its own.

Here are a few suggestions.

Small Business New Year’s Resolutions

#1: Try New Things

If you want something you’ve never had, you need to do something you’ve never done. This year, be open to trying new things, whether that means new social media platforms, new marketing channels, or new products and services.

#2: Educate Yourself

You’re great at what you do, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be better. Why not attend a conference or trade show, take a few relevant night classes at your community college, or subscribe to (and actually read!) industry publications?

#3: Create a Social Media Calendar

If you’ve been posting to your social media channels on the fly, there’s a better way! A social media calendar will save you plenty of time and frustration. You can even create your posts ahead of time and schedule them automatically!

#4: Recognize Your Employees

You wouldn’t be where you are today without your team, so make this the year that you recognize and reward them for their dedication. Paying people what they’re worth goes without saying. But in addition to that, instituting an Employee of the Month program or scheduling a few fun team-building events can really boost morale!

#5: Budget Better

It costs money to make money — but are you spending more than you need to? The beginning of the year is a great time to go over your budget and see exactly where your pennies, nickels and dimes are going.

Could you save money by using a different supplier or shipping company? Are you spending too much on one thing and not enough on another?

#6: Invest in New Technology

Is your customer relationship management software doing its job? Can you find a better solution for analytics? Is your payment processing system woefully out of date? Investing in new technology can be costly at the beginning, but it’ll save you plenty in the long run.

#7: Review Your Business Plan

Your business plan tells you where you’re trying to go and how you’re going to get there. But it’s not a static document. As your business grows and changes, your business plan needs to follow suit. If you haven’t reviewed yours lately, now is definitely the time to make some necessary updates.

#8: Create Buyer Personas

You probably have a pretty good idea of your target market, but would you know your ideal customer if you met them in the wild? Buyer personas paint a detailed portrait of the exact type you’re trying to market to. Here’s how to create them, courtesy of Hootsuite.

#9: Partner With a Small Business Marketing Agency

You don’t need to shoulder the brunt of the marketing burden. That’s what we’re here for! When you partner with a small business marketing agency, you save tons of time, a fair bit of money and a whole lot of headache.

Happy 2022 From Mischa Communications!

The new year brings new opportunities for your small business. Whether you borrow our resolutions or make some of your own, this is bound to be your best year yet!

Let’s start the brand-new year off with a brand new partnership. Let Mischa Communications handle your marketing needs in 2022 and beyond. We’re ready when you are!