11 Outstanding Marketing Ideas for 2022

marketing ideas 2022

The week between Christmas and New Year’s always seems to take forever. We exist in some alien universe where leftover ham and sugar cookies are the only two food groups, no one knows what day it is, and even if you’re working, you’re probably not getting much actual “work” done.

You could spend this lull between holidays taking down the lights, boxing up the decorations or anxiously avoiding your December credit card statement. But let’s be honest: None of us are quite ready for that just yet.

Instead, let’s brainstorm some marketing ideas for the coming year. Here’s our list.

11 Outstanding Marketing Ideas for 2022

Host Virtual Events

The pandemic still hasn’t yet graced us with a firm ending date. So this year, become adept at hosting online events like webinars, live video chats or interviews with industry leaders.

Become Known for Something

The bakery down the street is known for its bacon bourbon chocolate chunk cookies. The landscaping company next door is known for its realistic animal topiaries. Pick a signature product or service you want to be known for and build a marketing campaign around it.

Pick a Charity

Do some good in the world! Now is the perfect time to choose a charity to support throughout the year and plan some events that will allow your small business to give back.

Go Guerrilla

Not all marketing has to fit inside a neatly wrapped box. Guerrilla marketing (think flash mobs, pop-up shops and other attention-seeking activities) is a low-cost, high-return marketing tactic – as long as you’re not afraid to get creative!

Mark Your Calendars

Although virtual events are a must-have, live, in-person events are returning. And if you’re comfortable, you should make an appearance. Check with your local chamber of commerce for upcoming fairs, festivals or other community events.

Set Your Staff Up for Success

Your employees are the best ambassadors for your brand. Make sure they have all the knowledge they need to be fantastic at what they do. Happy employees are good employees, and good employees are great for business!

Give Scarcity Marketing a Shot

Tap into your customer’s FOMO (fear of missing out) and plan some quick promotions, short-lived sales, and “act now” add-ons. Limited-time offers are great at boosting your bottom line.

Create Gated Content

Looking to get more customers to opt-in to your email list, book a demo or sign up for a free trial? Gated content – requiring a customer to perform a desired action before accessing the eBook, white paper or webinar you’re offering – is the way to go!

“Influence” Your Audience

Want a bigger fan base? Consider partnering with a social media influencer and getting your products or services in front of a whole new audience!

Focus on Customer Relationships

You can use every tip and trick in the marketing playbook, but if you’re not developing relationships with your customers, it’s all for naught. Get to know the people who support your small business, ask for (and act on) their feedback, and make sure they know your door is always open!

Partner With the Pros

You could spend the next 12 months pouring your blood, sweat and tears into your marketing strategy. Or you could let us do it for you. Is this the year you hire a small business marketing agency?

What’s On Your Calendar for 2022?

There’s no denying that 2021 has had its ups and downs, but we made it! As we look forward to 2022, Mischa Communications would like to wish you and yours the best in the coming year. And, as always, we’re just a click away.