Is Your Small Business Embracing Technology? (Hint: It Should)

27 Aug

Is Your Small Business Embracing Technology? (Hint: It Should)

Small business is increasingly going electronic. But is the switch from brick-and-mortar locations to e-commerce cause for concern? According to a recent Gallup poll, 15 percent of small business owners say it’s helping their business, while 16 percent say it’s hurting their business. That leaves a wide moat of 68 percent that say it hasn’t affected them at all. So … what’s the deal? Is technology...

09 Jul

Brand Yourself: Designing Your Small Business Website

What does your website say about your small business? We’re not talking about the obvious stuff, such as hours, contact information and locations. (You should include those things; otherwise, what’s the point of your website?) But we’re talking about the story your website has to tell. Everything on your small business website, from your logo to the colors and fonts you choose, says something about...

22 Jan

10 Quick Small Business Marketing Tips

Marketing your small business is time-consuming. If anyone gets that, it’s us -- after all, we’re small, too! But with the right small business marketing tips, even just a few minutes a day can go a long way toward hitting your eventual goal of earning the title of “Best Small Business Ever.” Got a minute or three? We do, too. And we’re using ours to...

16 Oct

Is Google AMP Right for Your Small Business?

Google says that more than half of us will ditch a mobile site if it takes longer than three seconds to load. For small businesses, that’s a big problem. So Google decided to level the playing field a bit by introducing Accelerated Mobile Pages -- AMP for short. AMP pages load up to 85% faster than regular, non-AMP pages, presumably satisfying your audience’s need for...

30 May

How to Build a High-Conversion Landing Page for Your Small Business

Imagine you’re on a road trip. You’ve spent the past 500 miles or so seeing huge billboards for an amusement park. The closer you get, the more elaborate the billboards become, promising rides, entertainment and all the fried food you could ever want. The excitement is palpable. But when you pull into the lot, you’re met with a rusted Ferris wheel, a man dressed in...

24 May

Small Business Digital Marketing by the (Disappointing) Numbers

A few weeks back, we talked about how digital marketing is becoming the status quo. But many small businesses are woefully behind. According to a Yodle survey, quite a few small businesses still struggle with the concept of digital. From social media to websites to creating rich, engaging blogs, their strategies are lacking. If this sounds a lot like you, don’t panic! This week, we’re...

15 Jan

Just Scan It: QR Code Marketing for Small Businesses

Five years ago, QR codes were toted as the wave of the future. Now that the future is here, what’s the deal? Are the funny little black-and-white squares good for your small business website? Do they even work? What are the benefits and how can you maximize their potential? We’ve got answers about QR code marketing for small businesses. What the Heck Is a QR...

07 Jan

3 Marketing Trends for Small Businesses in 2014

A new year is here, and we’re celebrating by dusting off our trusty crystal ball and taking a glimpse into this year's marketing trends for small businesses. What will work best for your small business website in 2014? What direction should you take with your advertising? How can you capitalize on this year’s marketing trends? Lean in close and read on. The future is getting clearer....

18 Dec

Go Mobile With Your Small Business Website

In this on-the-go society, no one has time to be tethered to a PC. According to a recent Mobile Path-to-Purchase study, 46% of the public exclusively uses mobile devices as a research tool. In other words, having a great mobile small business website is a must. If you’re ready to optimize your small business’ website, here are some tips to remember as you go through...