Small Business Digital Marketing by the (Disappointing) Numbers

A few weeks back, we talked about how digital marketing is becoming the status quo. But many small businesses are woefully behind.

According to a Yodle survey, quite a few small businesses still struggle with the concept of digital. From social media to websites to creating rich, engaging blogs, their strategies are lacking.

If this sounds a lot like you, don’t panic! This week, we’re taking a look at the most unpleasant surprises of the survey (and what you can do about them).

Social Media Snags

Social media is so inescapable today that it’s hard to imagine anyone living outside a cave without it (and some caves even have Wi-Fi). However, only 11 percent of the survey’s respondents believe they are very successful at leveraging social media to bring in new clients, and 20 percent said they aren’t successful at all!

In addition, while 36 percent responded that they know “the basics” of social media, only 8 percent reported that they were “an expert,” while 28 percent said they know “a little” and 14 percent said they “don’t know much.”

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Social media is a must for your small business, so you need to be competent at it. Don’t settle for “I know enough” — strive for the expert level. If you need help, our social media gurus are always on call.

Website Woes

Here’s a sobering stat: According to the Yodle survey, only 40 percent of respondents are satisfied with their website. That means a full 60 percent are unhappy — but there’s no telling how many are actually doing anything about it.

We know websites are difficult, but they’re also one of your biggest customer touchpoints, so if your small business site is selling you short, it’s time for a change. Don’t wait to make the necessary improvements; change your website into something that will make you (and your customers) happy.

Blogging Blahs

Your small business should have a blog, period. And your blog should be filled with great content, how-to articles, guest posts and anything else that will capture your reader’s attention.

But the Yodle survey tells us that 68 percent of small businesses don’t have a blog, and of those who do, the vast majority of them only work on it for an hour or two per week.

Blogging is definitely time-consuming — in fact, 42 percent of the small businesses surveyed say that finding the time to manage the blog is the hardest part. But when it’s done well, blogging can help your small business thrive.

Digital marketing is not going away anytime soon. In fact, it’s only going to get bigger (and probably more complicated) as new technology is developed. The sooner you hop on board, the easier it will be down the line!

Need more guidance on how to join the digital revolution? Email Mischa Communications! We’ll make sure you’re on the right track.