Amplify Your Business’s Voice with DE&I Marketing

dei marketing

The world is a diverse place, and your business’s marketing should reflect that.

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I, DEI, or more recently, when including accessibility, DEIA) marketing is an increasingly important tactic for brands that want to connect with their audiences in a meaningful, authentic way.

Consider these stats from an Adobe Digital Insights study:

  • 61% of consumers believe that diversity is important in advertising.
  • 38% of consumers are more likely to trust brands that show diversity.
  • 34% of consumers have stopped supporting a brand that doesn’t represent their identity.

Clearly, people value representation.

DE&I marketing requires businesses to create a space where everyone feels welcome, and no one feels marginalized. It’s about inviting people in, actively including them, and making sure the playing field is as level as possible so everyone can participate.

Although race and ethnicity are two big factors in DE&I marketing, they’re certainly not the only ones. You also must consider factors such as age, sex, gender, religion, socioeconomic status, disability, appearance, personal identity and dozens of other factors that make up the melting pot we all live in.

If it sounds like a big job … well, it is. But by taking on this job, you’re proving to your audience that their voices matter — and in doing so, creating a loyal following.

The Benefits of DE&I Marketing

Expanded Reach

Representation matters. If someone feels that your brand values them as an individual, they’re more likely to do business with you. And when you’re including people from all different walks of life who then share your brand with other people like them, you’re expanding your reach exponentially.

Improved Brand Reputation

It’s simple math: The more people you please, the better your brand’s reputation becomes. And the way to please people is to show them that they matter. By practicing DE&I marketing tactics, you’re making the world a better place, which casts a positive light on your business.

A Better Connection with Younger Generations

Millennials and Gen Z’ers are anything but passive. They don’t want to be excluded, and they’re not going to stand idly by while anyone else is excluded, either. Diversity, equity and inclusion aren’t just valued by the younger generations, they’re demanded. If you want their business, you’re going to have to play by their rules.

3 DE&I Marketing Tips

Showcase Diverse Perspectives

It’s not enough just to showcase a diverse person. You need to showcase their diverse perspectives, as well. Who are they and why do they connect with your brand the way they do? How are they similar to your “average” customers? How are they different? By allowing them to tell their story, you’re empowering them as well as those who identify with them.

Use Inclusive Language

How you speak to your audience matters more than you think. A word or phrase that one person uses on a daily basis can be unintentionally offensive to someone else. Always use language that is meant to includerather than exclude. It’s helpful to build a section on inclusive language into your style guide to ensure consistent messaging.

Highlight Meaningful Company Initiatives

Is your company doing something to change the world? Highlight it! Whether it’s regularly donating unsold product to a domestic violence shelter, volunteering at the local soup kitchen or creating a scholarship fund for transgender youth, showing that your business cares goes a long way toward creating goodwill with your audience.

DE&I Marketing Helps Make the World a Better Place!

The world isn’t made up of cookie-cutter people, and “normal” is just a setting on the clothes dryer. By prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion in your marketing strategy, you’re doing your part to create a world where everyone is welcome!

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