Generation Z: Marketing Your Small Business to the New Youths

Marketing your small business to Generation Z

Age might be nothing but a number, but that number can make a big difference when it comes to how you market your small business to different generational segments. We’ve spent the past few weeks discussing how to bring baby boomers, Generation X and millennials into your fold. Now it’s time to talk about the newest kids on the block: Generation Z.

While experts argue about exactly when Generation Z began, the general consensus says they were born sometime in the mid-1990s. This means that even the oldest among them haven’t quite hit their mid-20s; the youngest may still be in primary school. (Sources don’t agree on the cutoff for the generation, either; here, we’ll define Gen-Z as covering those born from 1995-2010.)

This age gap makes Generation Z one of the most difficult segments to target. On one end of the spectrum, you have a recent college graduate ready to embark on new careers; on the other, you have a 9-year-old begging their parents for toys they saw advertised on YouTube.

Reaching out to this generation is a complicated matter. Fortunately, there are some hard and fast marketing tips that work for the generation as a whole, and we’re sharing them with you today!

Capture Their Attention Quickly

Generation Z has never known life without technology. While the oldest among them might remember the maddening struggle of dial-up internet, the vast majority is used to instant gratification. This has led to them having an incredibly short attention span — some experts say as little as eight seconds.

While older generations may be willing to sit still long enough for a webinar or online courses, the long game won’t fly with Gen Z. Short videos, easy-to-digest infographics and Instagram and Snapchat posts are the best way to capture their attention and get your message across.

Don’t Call Them Kids

Just as baby boomers don’t want to be referred to as “elderly,” Generation Z resents being called out for their youth. Short attention spans notwithstanding, they’re productive members of society, flocking to college in droves and changing the way we look at traditional education. Almost half of high school students are already taking classes that will get them college credit.

While they might be babies in the grand scope of things, avoid coddling them or coming across as condescending in your marketing. They are just as worthy and deserving of your respect as their older siblings, parents and grandparents!

Be Real

Generation Z has been growing up in the age of information. By the time they hit 15, they will have seen at least 200,000 advertisements. That means you’re not going to fool them with thinly veiled “sponsored content” or social media influencers. They can spot a marketing message a mile away.

That being said, they are a generation of entrepreneurs themselves. They understand that ads and marketing are all part of the game. Be honest and transparent in your attempts to earn their business and you’ll gain a loyal customer base.

They Are (They Are) the Youth of the Nation

Generation Z may be the newest kids on the block, but that doesn’t make them an unworthy marketing target for your small business. Find a workaround for their short attention spans, treat them like you’d treat any other paying customer and be genuine — it’s all they ask!

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy. Each demographic requires its own special touch. No matter who you’re targeting, Mischa Communications can help you develop a campaign that gets results! Click here to get started.