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LinkedIn is “Cool” – But Should You Market There?

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If LinkedIn were a cereal, it would be Bran Flakes. Useful? Absolutely. Appetizing? Eh …

LinkedIn describes itself as “the world’s largest professional network on the internet.” It’s a site where you can post your resume, connect with people in your field and sell yourself and your skills to companies and recruiters alike.

It never had the charm of sexier sites like Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat. It was all business, all the time. And by spending the past 20-plus years flying under the radar, it avoided plenty of drama.

That turned out to be a good thing.

There’s no denying that some social media platforms have come under fire recently. Facebook has had privacy and content issues, Snapchat has some serious security concerns, and Twitter is (quite literally) not Twitter anymore. But while some users have fled to newer alternative social media sites, others have rediscovered LinkedIn.

And in their rediscovery, they’ve sort of made it … cool.

What’s Behind LinkedIn’s Resurgence?

LinkedIn isn’t interested in underhanded monetization, shady algorithms, low-value “verification,” or selling people’s personal details to the highest bidder. They make their cash by upselling their services to job seekers and recruiters alike. And it turns out that people really, really like that business model.

In the spring of 2023, LinkedIn users shared 41% more content than they did in the same period in 2021, probably fueled by the platform offering more ways to create that content. In the past few years, the site has added tools allowing users to create newsletters, podcasts, video clips and audio.

The “vibe” has changed as well. From Bloomberg, which asserts “Sorry, But LinkedIn Is Cool Now”:

As other networks stagnate, shift their algorithms or burn themselves to the ground, LinkedIn is becoming a site where regular people actually want to hang out and post their thoughts. It might even be cool.

There’s more focus on work-life balance than before. People are loosening their ties and letting their hair down a bit. It’s beginning to feel less like a stuffy, silent library and more like a comfy common room where people can meet and discuss their thoughts over a cup of tea.

Add in the fact that LinkedIn, while not overtly political in the first place, now allows users to block all political content from their feeds, and you’ll see why it’s drawing all the cool kids in.

Should Your Business Market on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is definitely a place to market yourself — but should you market your business there, too?

Let’s crunch some numbers.

At least half of LinkedIn’s audience makes more than $75,000 a year. The platform has more than 950 million registered users, and 137 million of them visit the site on a daily basis. So right off the bat, you have the two things you need most: money and people.

According to LinkedIn, brands that market on the platform can see a 33% increase in purchase intent, and conversion rates up to two times higher.

The benefits don’t end there. Consider the following:

  • Incredible targeting features. LinkedIn offers more than 200 options for targeting.
  • Highly effective for lead generation. Sixty-two percent of B2B companies say LinkedIn produces quality leads. And the cost per lead is 28% lower than Google AdWords.
  • Most members are decision-makers. Four out of five people on LinkedIn drive purchase decisions, making it easy for you to connect with the right person the first time.
  • Great for sharing content. Content drives your business, and LinkedIn is a fantastic place to share it. In fact, content impressions outweigh job postings 15-to-1 on the platform.

The Bottom Line on LinkedIn

LinkedIn has long been a lucrative platform for business marketers — provided they know how to leverage it. And it’s recent “glow up” can only help you get your brand in front of more eyes. While it’s certainly not your only option for social media marketing, it’s definitely one to consider adding to your arsenal.

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