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Interactive Content: How to REALLY Engage Your Audience

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Would you like to boost engagement, glean important information about your audience and improve your conversion rates?

Then you’ll love interactive content.

Interactive content is content that’s designed to grab your audience’s attention and encourage their participation. Examples include apps, calculators, quizzes, polls and interactive infographics.

To your audience, interactive content is a fun, easy activity. To a business marketer, it’s a way to build a following for their brand, gain and nurture leads, and create yet another touchpoint for fans and followers.

Ready to learn more? Let’s get into it.

5 Types of Interactive Content (And How to Use Them)


For those in the fintech industry, virtual calculators are practically mandated. You can create calculators that let your audience calculate their interest rates, model potential loan payments, set savings goals, build a better budget and more.

But calculators aren’t just for those in finance. A plumber, for instance, could create a calculator to show people how much money they’d save over the next five years by replacing their old hot water heater with a newer, more energy-efficient model.


Do you want to know how your audience really feels about something? Just ask them!

You can create a poll on virtually anything, from how people feel about a certain product or service to what kind of pricing they’ll tolerate to what special you should run next week.

Polls are quick, easy and anonymous. So there’s no excuse to miss this valuable chance to gain some quick intel on what people really want to see from your brand!


Blog posts are a great way to provide information to your audience. But how do you know whether your audience is actually getting the message?

Quizzes allow you to take the blog posts that already exist on your site and gamify them by including a “test” after they’ve finished reading the piece. Not only does this make them pay closer attention, but it also allows you to see where your content is succeeding — and where it’s failing.

For instance, if the vast majority of your pupils are getting Questions 3 and 4 wrong, you likely need more clarity on those educational points.

Interactive Infographics

On their own, infographics provide quick, easy-to-digest bits of information that satisfy the human brain in ways that other types of content can’t.

Making them interactive is an improvement on an already pretty good thing!

Clicking on one stat might lead to a relevant blog post. Scrolling past another might start a quick animation or lead to a short quiz. By adding interactive elements to infographics, you’re allowing people to dive deeper without having to put in much extra effort.


While apps themselves are inherently interactive, they can also serve as a warehouse for all of your other interactive content, keeping people’s eyes on your business for as long as possible.

By adding the interactive content you’re already showcasing on your website and social media pages to your app, you’re creating a virtual one-stop shop for audience engagement.

3 Big Benefits of Interactive Content

Better Audience Engagement

No one wants to leave the party when they’re having a good time. The longer your audience stays engaged, the longer they have eyes on your brand — and the easier it becomes to convert them into customers.

Increased Conversion Rate

Interactive content converts “moderately or very well” 70% of the time, compared to just 36% for passive content. If they’re interacting with it, it means they’re interested in it. And that tells you who to set your sights on.

A Wider Reach

Interactive content is fun — and people love to share fun things with their family and friends. By creating content worth sharing, you’re allowing your existing audience to do the hard work for you!

It’s Time to Be More Interactive!

The rise of interactive content doesn’t mean that static content is dead. Not everyone at the party wants to dance, after all; some just want to sit quietly and listen to the music. But with 81% of marketers saying that interactive content is much more effective than static content, it’s definitely not something you can afford to ignore!

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