Business Marketing 101: Can Blog Posts Really Bring in Customers?

business blog posts

If we told you there was a way you could increase your small business’s return on investment (ROI) 13-fold, would you be willing to try it?

For all who answered in the affirmative, here’s the secret: Start writing blog posts.

Yep. That’s all you have to do. According to Hubspot, businesses that make blogging a priority enjoy an ROI that’s 13-times higher than those who don’t.

Blogging brings customers to your small business. Here’s how.

Blog Posts Create Trust and Authority

We could tell you that we’re an amazing small business marketing agency, and it wouldn’t be a lie. (We’re pretty cool, if we do say so ourselves.)

The problem is that you, the customer, don’t know whether it’s the truth. That’s because just about any business will tell you they’re amazing if it means getting the green stuff in your wallet.

A blog (like ours) shows potential customers that your small business really does know its stuff. It creates trust and authority. It shows, rather than tells. And blog posts are written proof of competency in your area of expertise.

Blogging Draws a Wider Audience

If your website only exists to sell soccer cleats, then you’re likely only going to get traffic that is interested in buying soccer cleats right this minute.

If your website sells soccer cleats but also has blog posts detailing the history of soccer, how soccer cleats are manufactured, the biggest soccer matchups in history, etc., you’re going to get traffic that is interested in soccer — many of whom will eventually need soccer cleats, even if they don’t want them right now.

Blogging draws in a wider audience than you’d otherwise have while keeping your small business top of mind for your target market.

Blogs Generate Leads

Imagine you’re installing a new hot water heater and you’ve run into a snag. You fire up Google and type in “how to disconnect a gas line.” Within a fraction of a second, you have 39,700,000 results. (Yes, we checked.)

You click on a blog post from Pete’s Plumbing. The blog post ends with a strong call to action, so you act.

Maybe you decided hot water heater installation isn’t for you and booked an appointment with Pete. Maybe there was a free step-by-step video you could unlock by entering your email address. Or maybe you see Pete is running a special this month on leak detection, so you decide to have him come out and investigate the swampy spot in your backyard.

In the end, you found a solution to your water heater woes, and Pete got something, too: your information, and maybe even your business. All because of an effective blog post.

Blogging Improves SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the main components of search marketing. It involves drawing organic (rather than paid) traffic to your website. And having blog posts makes that a whole lot easier.

The more pages your website has, the more content Google has to rank you for. And if you’re consistently creating stellar posts, other websites may link back to you. Google sees backlinks as a badge of honor for your small business blog and will act accordingly, edging you further up in the search results.

Ready? Set? Write!

Business blogging isn’t just something to do when you have the time — it’s a vital component to your marketing strategy. It builds awareness, creates trust, generates leads and improves your SEO strategy. In short, it’s something your small business can’t afford to do without!

Cat got your tongue? That’s OK. Mischa Communications can take the blogging burden off your hands. Can you spare a minute?