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Social Media for Financial Services Firms

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If you own a swanky nightclub, design haute couture clothing, or groom standard poodles for a living, maintaining a fantastic social media presence probably comes pretty easy for you.

If you run a financial services firm, not so much.

Let’s face it: While you are passionate about what you do, a large majority of people would consider it a “boring” business. That doesn’t mean that what you do isn’t important — but it can be difficult for financial services firms to generate excitement on social media.

Difficult. But not impossible.

If you work for a financial services firm and you’re trying to up your social media game, put these best practices into place.

6 Social Media Tips for Financial Services Firms

#1: Spotlight Real People

Finance is personal. People don’t want to hear about what you can do for them; they want to see it in action. And who better to show them than your own satisfied clients?

Whenever possible, showcase real people in your social media posts. A success story, testimonial or client profile goes a long way toward convincing others to hop on board.

#2: Look for Opportunities to Engage

If you’re not being social on social media, what’s the point? Current (and potential) clients don’t visit your pages to scream into the void — they’re there for a reason. So, respond promptly to their questions and comments.

You don’t have to wait for them to start them conversation, either. By proactively reaching out and starting a dialogue, you’re showing that your firm is invested in creating meaningful relationships.

#3: Know Your Audience

Imagine three people:

  • A broke college kid downloading an app that will spot them beer money until payday
  • A newly married man looking to purchase his first home with his wife
  • A wealthy, retired professional setting up trust funds for her grandchildren

Each one of these people probably has different financial needs. And your firm might not be positioned to help them all.

That’s OK. Just make sure you know your audience so you’re better able to curate content that draws in the people who need your services. That way, you won’t waste valuable time and money attracting people who fall outside your wheelhouse.

#4: Prioritize Interactive Content

There’s a place for static content on social media. Sharing your latest blog post is great. A relevant meme is always good for a few likes and comments. But if you want to really engage your audience, interactive content is where it’s at.

Interactive content (think polls, quizzes, interactive infographics, etc.) is entertaining, educational and infinitely sharable. And it’s a fantastic way to build your brand and nurture your leads.

#5: Consider Hosting Virtual Events

We’ve mentioned before that with financial services, showing is way better than telling. And virtual events allow you to “show” your audience who you are and what you’re all about.

Whether it’s a basic Q&A, a quick video tutorial on your newest app features, or a full-fledged live webinar on a financial topic, virtual events allow you to connect on a more authentic level.

#6: Enlist Help from the Professionals

Some financial services firms are social media pros. Others would rather balance Bill Gates’ books by hand than try and come up with yet another post. If you’re in the latter camp, there’s absolutely no shame in outsourcing your social media to a competent marketing agency.

Bringing in some outside help can lead to higher success rates and fewer headaches, and can actually saveyou money. (Yes, really!)

It’s Time to Get Social!

For the financial industry, social media can be a major pain point. There are about a thousand ways you can go wrong and no one-size-fits-all way to do it right. But with time, patience and persistence, your financial services firm can make a social media splash!

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