The Most Inspiring Marketing Campaigns of 2022

most inspiring marketing campaigns 2022

The average person sees an astounding 4,000 to 10,000 ads each day. Most don’t even make a blip on their radar. Some might resonate a little; some might resonate a lot. But only a handful will actually make someone stop in their tracks and fully take in the message.

And we’re talking about that handful this week: marketing campaigns so inspiring that people can’t help but take notice.

Here are our favorites from 2022.

Tesco’s Ramadan Billboards Stun at Sunset

Most Americans aren’t familiar with Tesco, but for those across the pond, the British supermarket chain is as common as Kroger or Albertsons is for us. And in April of 2022, Tesco showed its support for Muslims celebrating Ramadan.

During Ramadan, Muslims fast from sunup to sundown, then gather for a meal called Iftar. Tesco created a digital billboard that featured hands holding empty plates — by day, at least. As the sun set in the real world, the plates began to fill with food.

The billboards all faced east, leading to a stunning backdrop as the sun set behind them each evening, and the message read “Together this Ramadan” and “In honor of everyone fasting, these plates only fill up as the sun goes down.”

It was a much-appreciated nod to inclusivity, and we love the aesthetic.


There’s a chance that, if you were watching baseball in late September, you saw a disturbing fan behind home plate, delivering a creepy smile the whole game long.

These were no random fans.

These actors were actually promoting the then-upcoming horror movie Smile, which … well, we won’t spoil the movie, but it features creepy smiles.

The guerrilla marketing worked. The announcers in the games took notice, and the stunt generated a great deal of social buzz. The cost? A few tickets behind home plate. Not exactly cheap, but it’s a drop in the bucket compared to most movie marketing budgets.

Heineken Battles Overworking

A Bluetooth-enabled bottle opener is eye-opening enough. But what about a Bluetooth-enabled bottle opener that puts your laptop on sleep mode to stop you from grinding yourself into the ground?

No, really.

This very real device, dubbed “The Closer,” was a cheeky campaign by Heineken to promote a healthier work-life balance. The company built the idea based on research showing the COVID-19 pandemic has expanded employees’ work day by an average of 2.5 hours. That’s a very real risk to employees’ well-being.

Heineken decided to raise awareness about this trend by providing a high-tech helping hand … and a little encouragement to kick back and enjoy a beer.

Yeti Has Your Year in Preview

This time of year, most companies are looking back at their past successes. Yeti is inspiring its audience to look forward to 2023 with their “Year in Preview” campaign.

You’re encouraged to head to a dedicated website, select the type of activities you’re interested in and pick out some hype music. The site then matches your preferences with a ton of suggested events across the entire globe.

Once an event is selected, it’s automatically added to your calendar. You’ll even get a video counting down to what Yeti calls your “wildest year yet.” It’s inspiration at its finest — and a great way for Yeti to sell you the expensive gear you’ll need to take with you on your travels!

Will Your Business Make the List in 2023?

Inspiring marketing campaigns — be it a single billboard or commercial or a complex, long-term undertaking combining several different mediums — don’t come around every day. It takes a ton of hard work and more than a little creativity to find something that resonates with a wide audience. What will you do in 2023?

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