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7 Ways You Should Prepare for Small Business Saturday 2022

prepare for Small Business Saturday 2022

Small Business Saturday, the brainchild of American Express, began in 2010. The country was in a recession, the cost of goods and services were skyrocketing, and small businesses everywhere were struggling. (Sounds familiar, huh?)

The annual event began as a way to direct holiday shoppers toward locally owned, independent businesses in their own neighborhoods. And it worked! In 2011, the Senate unanimously voted to recognize Small Business Saturday in all 50 states, and in 2020, American Express spent $200 million on small business initiatives.

This year, Small Business Saturday falls on Nov. 26, which means there’s still some time to prepare.

Here are some tips to get started.

Small Business Saturday Planning Starts Now!

Download Your Free Marketing Materials

American Express makes publicizing Small Business Saturday simple by offering free marketing materials like social posts and printable posters on their website. Before you do anything else, get what they have to offer and start spreading the news.

Create Some Hype

Now is the time to start getting your customers excited. Let your audience know that you’re participating in Small Business Saturday, what discounts or events you have planned, and how much their support means to you — now more than ever.

Craft an email series, start a social media campaign, and post signs in your brick-and-mortar store to remind people to shop with you on Nov. 26!

Spruce Up Your Site or Store

Before you roll out the red carpet to welcome your Small Business Saturday shoppers, make sure everything is neat and tidy. Do your walls need a fresh coat of paint? Does your website need an overhaul? Take care of it now so you can put your best foot forward on the big day.

Prepare Your Staff

Small Business Saturday requires all hands on deck, so make sure those hands know what they’re supposed to be doing. Who’s answering phones? Greeting customers? Manning the gift wrapping station? Assigning duties now will make everything run smoothly later.

If you are looking for seasonal help for the holiday season, start looking for candidates now. That gives you time to interview, hire, and train the right people before the rush.

Make It a Party

Small Business Saturday isn’t just about making big bucks; it’s also about getting to know your community. Make your event festive with refreshments, music, giveaways and activities like a scavenger hunt or a cookie decorating station. Taking the time to interact with your customers makes a big impression.

Find a Partner

When it comes to the holidays, more is always merrier. And a small business partner (or several) can give you access to a much larger audience than you could hope to reach on your own.

Find a business whose products and/or services compliment your own and team up. You might offer your customers reciprocal deals, split advertising costs or even co-host a Small Business Saturday block party!

Decide on the Discounts

While Small Business Saturday doesn’t have the same “greedy” feeling as Black Friday, your customers are still looking for deals. Decide on a few doorbuster deals and then create a buzz around them. Just be sure not to discount yourself to death!

Small Business Saturday is Coming Soon!

There’s only a month and some change left until Small Business Saturday, which means now is the time to get all the details nailed down. The weeks are flying by, so don’t wait until the last minute!

Are you looking for a marketing master to help you manage the holiday season? Mischa Communications is up for it! Let’s talk.