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Quality Trumps Quantity for Small Business Growth

small business growth

Your business may be small now, but that (hopefully) won’t always be the case. Growth is an important part of any business plan – as long as you can do that growing without sacrificing your current products and services or existing customer relationships.

Here’s a little advice on maintaining the quality that got you where you are today and achieve the small business growth you need to be successful.

Listen to Your Critics

No one likes reading a bad review, but dissatisfied customers can teach you plenty. What did they take issue with? Was it the product itself, the way it was delivered or the customer service they received? Each critical assessment is a chance to fix a problem.

Be sure you’re actively reading and responding to unfavorable reviews, whether they’re on your website or social media pages. Addressing an unhappy patron’s concern and offering to make it right can be the difference between a lost customer and a long term one.

Make Room for Improvement

New products and services are exciting, but taking on too much too fast is a recipe for disaster. Before your small business rolls out new offerings, take the time to make improvements to your existing line.

What could you do to your current product or service to make it even better? Is there a more cost-effective way to market it? Could a simple production tweak solve a problem?

Take a long look at your flagship offerings. Are they great? Sure. But very rarely will they be perfect. There’s almost always room for improvement.

Invest in Great Employees

Chances are you’re not the one responsible for making every sale. That job often falls to your small business’ employees. They’re the first point of contact customers have when they walk through your door or call with a question, so make sure the people who represent your small business can maintain your standards of quality. When you invest the time and energy it takes to fully train an employee, you’re rewarded with someone who cares about your small business – not just a paycheck.

In the small business world, quality always trumps quantity, and when you focus on being the best you can be, growth often comes organically.

Need more tips on making quality a top priority? Mischa is here to help. Drop us a line, and we’ll help ensure your small business growth isn’t left to chance.