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Employee Morale: 4 Ways to Rally Your Small Business’ Troops

Running a small business is a big job, and if you’ve grown to the point where you need employees to run it, congratulations! You’re on the right path. You also probably know that it only gets more challenging from here, because now, it’ll be harder to stay in control, and you’ll have to rely on other people to keep your business running well.

Your next job? Keeping employee morale high.

Employees are the foundation of any successful company. They are an extension of you, and you need them to care for your company as much as you do. Here’s how to ensure your troops are ready and willing to help take your small business to the top!

Obey the Golden Rule

The golden rule is pretty simple: Treat others the way you want to be treated. No employee is “just” an employee. Each one has a unique quality, talent or skill-set to offer. That’s why you hired them, right?

Now, picture your favorite bosses. Why did you like them? Did they encourage you to do your best and teach you things you didn’t know? Take those qualities and become those bosses to your own employees! Treat them with respect and dignity. Encourage them to go above and beyond.

Give Your Employees a Sense of Ownership

No, we’re not suggesting you start handing out pieces of your small business, but giving your employees a stake in your company makes them feel more connected, which should encourage them to work harder.

A stake doesn’t necessarily mean ownership in the company. It can simply mean making them feel as if the success of the business partly relies on their actions. How do you do this? Empower them to make decisions and solve problems on their own, without having to run to you for every little detail. Give them the freedom to give (reasonable) discounts without checking with you first, or to handle a customer’s complaint the way they see fit.

When an employee feels personally invested in a business, they’ll do everything in their power to make sure it’s a success!

Offer Employment Perks

Let’s face it — you’re not Google. You don’t have the budget to offer gourmet food in the break room or sleep pods for your employees.

The good news is, you don’t have to be.

Whether it’s a year-end bonus based on a percentage of your proceeds, an extra commission on big-ticket items or even just the ability to earn extra vacation time for a job well done, handing out perks gives employees an incentive to do their best.

Show Your Employees Their Value

You know the value your employees bring to your small business — but do they? A simple “fantastic job closing that deal” or “thanks for going above and beyond with that customer” can make them feel like an important part of the team. When you’re always looking for opportunities to praise your employees, your employees will be constantly on the lookout for ways to earn that praise!

As you can see, keeping employee morale high doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Just a little thoughtfulness and going beyond your responsibilities as a small business owner can go a long way in making sure everyone gives your company their best shot every day.

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