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3 Small Business Marketing Lessons to Learn From Successful YouTubers

small business marketing lessons from YouTube

YouTube boasts 2 billion logged-in users each month and 500 hours of video uploaded every single minute. Small business owners simply can’t afford to ignore it.

And judging by the platform’s projected $5.5 billion in 2020 advertising revenue, many aren’t.

Yes, your company needs a YouTube channel. But for the uninitiated, it can be difficult to know where to start. Fortunately, many successful YouTubers have blazed a trail the rest of us can follow. Here are three of their best small business marketing lessons.

Just Get Started With Content Creation

All too often, small businesses shoot themselves in the foot not by trying something and failing, but by not trying something at all.

Every video you post doesn’t have to be cinematic masterpiece. If all you can manage is a two-minute clip of you standing in your office talking about your latest, greatest product or service, it’s fine.

That’s not to say you should set the bar low. It simply means that getting your content out and your message across is more important than flashy green-screen tricks or novel camera angles.

Your channel will naturally evolve and take on a more professional feel as you get more comfortable with the camera and the platform. But in the beginning, just get started with content creation. Then let the rest of the pieces to fall into place where they may.

Find Your Niche (But Don’t Rush Things)

Who will you be on YouTube? The “colorful” business owner who wears crazy outfits and is overcome with excitement each time he talks about his latest offerings? The consummate professional filming from her sleekly appointed office? The “regular guy” who rolls up his shirtsleeves and takes you behind the scenes of his workshop?

What kind of content will you produce? How-to videos? Product reviews? Unboxing clips? Will each video piggyback off the previous, creating a kind of serialized channel, or would you prefer to make standalone content?

YouTube is a platform where you can learn how to rebuild a Chevy Nova from the wheels up, remove a stripped screw and talk to giraffes — all in one lunch hour. To say there’s a niche for everyone would be an understatement, so feel free to experiment until you find yours.

Don’t worry if you don’t immediately “fit in” to any particular niche. You’ll find your place in time, even if it’s not what you expected!

Optimize Content Titles and Images

YouTube is a big place. So it’s frighteningly easy to get lost in the shuffle, no matter how great your content might be. That’s why it’s so important to optimize your titles and images to make it easy for people (and Google) to find you.

A bit of keyword research can help you optimize your title. Ideally, you’re shooting for something more than five words long that includes your keyword in a natural way. (Don’t try to keyword-stuff. It won’t help, but it can absolutely hurt.)

Make sure your title is “catchy” enough to capture a viewer’s attention. And pay special attention to the thumbnail. Verified YouTube users can create custom thumbnails, which is always the best way to go.

Finally, remember to show your description some love. This is your chance to plug in all your links, bios and any additional information you want to share. Don’t jot down a few sentences and call it good — make sure it’s easy for your viewer to find you outside of YouTube!

For small business owners with no prior video experience, YouTube can be daunting — but it doesn’t have to be. Follow the small business marketing lessons of the successful YouTubers that came before you and you’ll be one of the gang in no time!

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