5 Business Card Musts for Small Businesses

They’ve been around for ages, and you might have forgotten they existed. But we bet if you open your wallet right now, you’ll have one or two in there. If you do remember them, you might think they’re archaic in this digital age. Yet they’re still one of the best marketing tools out there.

What are they?

Business cards.

Even in the digital age, the business card still has a place in small business marketing. But to generate the sort of buzz you’re looking for, you’ll need to go above and beyond white cardstock and black print. Read on for some business card musts for small businesses.

1. Think Geometrically

There are exactly zero laws that state your business card must be a rectangle. Think outside that little white box…errr, rectangle. Triangles, circles, squares or even trapezoids make a bold statement about your small business’ creativity.

2. Color Counts

Black text on white paper is boring. Change it up and use red on green, blue on yellow or pink with purple polka dots. Anything that will catch an eye. Just remember: There’s a difference between striking and gaudy. Keep your color palette in check. Sunglasses shouldn’t be required to read your information…unless you’re in the sunglasses business.

3. Texturize

Nothing says your business cards need to be on cardstock. Try different mediums. Etch it on metal, emboss it on plastic or print it on papyrus. The more memorable your business card, the more memorable your small business!

4. Include a QR Code

QR codes can have a huge impact on your small business, and they’re a great addition to business cards. Use them to offer a discount or give your customers more information about yourself and your small business.

5. Be a Little Mysterious

We’re not advocating doing anything too crazy, but a little mystery goes a long way in the marketing world. Make your potential customers want to learn more about you and your small business. Add some unusual text, like “The next big thing can be found here…” or “Don’t call this number…” to your business cards. A little mystery can bring in more business!

Business cards have been around for a long time, but there’s a reason for their longevity. They are still one of the best ways to market your small business. Don’t just give them to people you meet. Leave them on bus and train station benches, tack them to bulletin boards and drop them in the “win-a-free-(something)” boxes at other businesses. You never know who might see them.

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