5 Ways to Prepare for Small Business Saturday 2020

small business Saturday 2020

Most of the country has been a bit … er, distracted in 2020, so it might have escaped your notice that the clock is winding down on this absolute peach of a year. And you might be surprised to learn Small Business Saturday 2020 is just a few short weeks away.

The small business world’s answer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday happens on Nov. 28 this year, which means we have officially entered the planning window. And in a world that looks much different than it did just a year ago, we’re sharing some ways you can prepare!

Make Safety a Priority

The coronavirus isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. And by the time Small Business Saturday rolls around, the seasonal flu will also be a big concern. So for brick-and-mortar stores, having a safety plan is more important than ever.

Follow your state and local COVID mandates. Come up with a plan that will allow you to properly sanitize while dealing with a potential rush of customers. Also, start stocking up now on the supplies you’ll need to do that. Consider having dedicated shopping hours for senior citizens and immunocompromised individuals.

Whatever you can do to safely prepare for your crowd, do it! No small business wants to be responsible for an outbreak.

Get Free Resources

While you don’t need to join an official registry to participate in Small Business Saturday, American Express has tons of free resources to help you get the word out. From social distancing support to signage and beyond, the Shop Small studio is definitely worth checking out!

Plan Your Deals Carefully

People venturing out on Small Business Saturday expect a deal or two. But this year, it’s even more important to give them the most bang for their buck. Millions of Americans are still out of work and millions more are on shaky financial ground.

Want to offer a screaming deal on your most expensive product or service? Go for it! But be sensitive to the fact that many people won’t be able to buy it, no matter how awesome it is. Try to offer doorbuster deals at multiple price points so everyone feels included — even if that just means a BOGO on stocking stuffers on Small Business Saturday.

Spruce Up the (Real or Virtual) Shop

While we’re not advocating you deck your halls just yet, now is definitely the time to get everything shipshape for your Small Business Saturday guests. At a brick-and-mortar store, this means a deep cleaning as well as some thoughtful decorating. if you’re online only, it means making sure your website is up to snuff and your product pages are ready to woo.

Nix the In-Person Events

Every year around this time, we tell you how important it is to have in-person events on and around Small Business Saturday. But this year, the cookie decorating contests, tree trimming parties and neighborhood singalongs aren’t the way to go.

Instead, focus on virtual events and social media happenings. Host regular chats and contests. Create a virtual scavenger hunt with real prizes going to the winners. Make sure your customers know you’re invested in the relationship, even if you can’t be “together” the way you could in years past.

What’s Your Plan for Small Business Saturday 2020?

There’s no use denying it: Small Business Saturday 2020 is going to look a bit different this year. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be just as good for your customers (and your bottom line) as any other year. The sooner you start planning, the better!

Whether you need help planning a special event like Small Business Saturday or you’re looking to have someone in your marketing corner every other day of the year, Mischa Communications is your best bet! What can we do for you?