Your Small Business Customers Need Facebook Groups. Here’s Why.

05 Sep

Your Small Business Customers Need Facebook Groups. Here’s Why.

You probably already have a Facebook page for your small business. (If not, we need to talk!) And because that Facebook page is super successful, gets a ton of engagement and is always filled with amazing content, you don’t see any reason to expand into Facebook groups. After all -- if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Except Facebook groups offer a different level of...

07 Aug

Chatbots: Your New Marketing BFF

As a small business owner, you likely get asked the same questions day in and day out. “What time do you open?” “Where’s my order?” “Do you ship outside the U.S.?” As innocuous as these questions sound, constantly answering them eats a huge chunk out of your day -- but hiring someone else to do it would eat an equally huge chunk out of your...

31 Jul

What to Do When Your Content Is Awesome (But Not Getting Traffic)

We talk a lot about content. How to use it correctly, the different tools you can use to make it “pop," and most of all, how to improve it. But what if your content is already amazing? What if you’ve followed every single rule and suggestion, blazed your own creative trail and see no possible way to improve on perfection -- but you’re still not...

10 Jul

Market Your Small Business on LinkedIn (Without Annoying Your Prospects!)

LinkedIn generally isn’t the first platform that comes to mind when it comes to social media marketing. That’s not because it’s not viable (it is!), but instead because many small business owners just don’t understand what it can do for them. It’s true: LinkedIn is a different crowd. If Facebook is a rowdy roadhouse and Twitter is a swanky nightclub, LinkedIn is an upscale bar...

15 May

Facebook Advertising: How to Maximize Your Small Business Ad Bucks

Here's a fast fact about Facebook advertising: According to Hootsuite, Facebook mobile ads have 9.1x higher click-through rates than ads found anywhere else on the web. The takeaway? If you’re not advertising on Facebook yet, you should be. The good news is that Facebook ads are pretty cheap -- you can start advertising on a budget of $5 a day! With that said, small businesses...

08 May

Small Business Social Media 2.0: Advanced Techniques to Get More Fans, Engagement and Sales!

Do a keyword search for “social media marketing tips” and chances are, the information will be pretty basic. “Run a contest.” “Engage with your fans and followers.” “Use humor.” Those are all great tips. (In fact, we’ve written entire articles saying the exact same thing!) And while you should absolutely take those strategies to heart, they can only take you so far. If you’re ready...

24 Apr

4 Easy Ways to Boost Targeted Traffic to Your Small Business Website

Often times, sales is a game of sheer numbers – you need a ton of people to see your product in hopes that a few of them will want to buy. But what if most of your audience is already interested in what you’re selling? That’s called targeted traffic, and it’s a much more efficient use of your marketing resources. These high-quality visitors not only...

27 Feb

Put Some Spring in Your Small Business Marketing

Despite a famous groundhog seeing his own shadow and essentially declaring another six long weeks of winter, spring is just around the corner. Traditionally, spring is a time of awakening and renewal, a season where everyone is nearly giddy to realize that the sun does, in fact, still exist after a lengthy absence. In other words, spring is a happy-feely sort of time: something your...

30 Jan

A Small Business Guide to Winning Followers and Finding Fans

Do you like Coca-Cola? According to its Facebook page, 102.7 million other people do, too. How about Disney? You’re now in the company of 50.6 million fellow fans. Katy Perry has the most Twitter followers with 95.6 million, while Justin Bieber runs a close second with nearly 91.5 million. When it comes to small business social media, fans and followers are important. Without them, you’re...

12 Dec

10 New Year Resolutions for Your Small Business

The year is winding down to a close. As most people begin to shift their focus from 2016 to 2017, New Year resolutions are made: to lose weight, to nix a bad habit, to finally seek help for their Netflix addiction. While those are all admirable personal goals (who needs to binge-watch an entire season of Stranger Things in one night, anyway?), your small business...