Everything You Need to Know About Small Business Slogans

small business slogan

Pop quiz – identify these slogans:

“I’m lovin’ it.”

“We’ll leave the light on.”

“The best part of waking up…”

“Just do it.”

We’re guessing you probably scored 100%. But just in case you’ve been living in a cave without Wi-Fi for the last 20 years or so, the answers are: McDonald’s, Motel 6, Folgers and Nike.

A good small business slogan will bring your brand to mind instantly. With just a few words, you can paint an indelible picture in your customers’ heads. Catchy, quirky or otherwise, a slogan certainly garners serious attention.

Most famous slogans have a few things in common. They’re frequently short (just a few words), simple and above all, memorable. In many cases, they’re included on the business’ marketing materials, ads and logos, allowing for instant recognition across the brand.

Slogans using rhymes, alliterations or humor are often more striking than their more bland counterparts. But again, it’s important to keep your brand in mind. If your small business is more serious, a quirky slogan isn’t going to work. In other words, a funeral home probably shouldn’t have a cute jingle.

But that’s not to say it shouldn’t have some sort of slogan. Every small business brand needs something to identify it.

The great thing about slogans is that they’re not a lifetime commitment. Huge name brands, including McDonald’s, Geico and Coca-Cola, have changed their verbiage over the years. Slogans should evolve with your small business, not act as anchors weighing you down.

The benefits of a small business slogan are clear – but how the heck do come up with one?

The process can stymie even the most creative small business owners. It takes time, but that’s not the hard part – it’s the creative spark that can be the challenge.

Brainstorm ideas, make a word list and play around with it, and use one of a jiggle-writer’s best friends: the thesaurus. Test out potential slogans on your social media pages, and ask your followers to vote on their favorites or suggest entirely new ones. You never know where the next “Just Do It” is going to come from!

And if your brain hurts and you’re still stuck, give Mischa Communications a call. Our slogan – “Reveal. Adapt. Inspire.” — has helped us tell our story. And we’d be happy to help you find the right words to tell yours.