How to Make Your Financial Firm’s Brand Shine

financial firm brand

Business marketing is a complex field, but when you boil it down, your main goal is to position your brand as No. 1. You want to be the financial firm that people think of first whenever they need the products and services you offer. And you want your people to be viewed as the leading authorities in the industry.

The problem, of course, is the oodles of competition you face. You’re not the only tax accountant, insurance agency, or savings and loan out there — and others in the industry want to attract new clients just as much as you do.

You have your work cut out for you. But you’re not alone. Here are our best tips for taking your financial firm to the top.

Branding Tips for Financial Firms

Understand Your Target Demographic

Until you know who you’re marketing to, precise branding is nearly impossible. What does your ideal customer look like? What are their wants, needs and pain points?

Are you marketing to C-suite executives or blue-collar factory workers? Millennials or Baby Boomers? Do your customers want the lowest costs possible, or are they willing to pay a premium for a full suite of features and personal service?

If you don’t know for sure, it’s time to find out. Because creating a brand around the wrong demographic is an exercise in futility.

Optimize Your Website

Finance is a high-stakes game, so your website needs to look the part. A potential client isn’t going to trust you to manage their six-figure retirement account if your website looks like a high school student’s HTML project.

It’s time for a total website overhaul. Clean things up, ensure all links are working, and fix any backend issues that impact the UX. Better yet, have a professional take a look. (Here’s what you need to know before you hire someone.)

Find Your Voice

Think about the way you talk to your clients face-to-face. Does it match the way you talk to them in your social media posts, online chat, or emails? If not, there’s a disconnect — and your clients will notice.

Decide on one “voice” and make sure it’s the same across all your customer touchpoints. Addressing an email to “The Esteemed Mr. George F. Worthington” and then greeting Mr. Worthington with a “Hey there, Georgie-boy” the next time he walks into your local branch will result in raised eyebrows.

Give Back to Your Clients

Your clients are giving you their business. What are you giving them in return? Do you have a blog that covers relevant industry topics? Complimentary consumer education classes once a month? Resources to help them avoid scams, manage debt or raise their credit scores?

The best brands understand that there’s a give-and-take to business marketing. By giving something back to your clients, you’re showing them your appreciation.

Dare to Be Different

There’s a common misconception that financial firms must be all business all the time. And while it’s true that very few people would trust their financial future to Crazy Dave’s Backyard Bank & BBQ, it’s OK to loosen your tie every once in a while — if it makes sense for your brand.

Think outside the box. Don’t take yourself too seriously. After all, Liberty Mutual is the sixth-largest property and casualty insurance provider in the country … and they let an emu do their marketing.

It’s Time to Build a Better Brand!

No two businesses are created equal, so there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to building your brand. But one thing remains true for all financial firms: If you take the time to ensure your marketing efforts are working for you — and not against you — your prospective clients will sit up and take notice!

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