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Hey, Small Business Owners – Get Social!

small business owners get social

You already know that social media is one of the best tools for promoting your small business. You put a lot of work into your company’s Facebook page, create meaningful tweets and regularly update your LinkedIn company page.

Your small business is social. But are you?

Creating a social media presence for your small business is important. However, you also need to show the face behind the business. Your face. To maximize your small business’ social media reach, you shouldn’t just be posting on your company’s pages. You should be leveraging your personal accounts, too.

We’re not suggesting you spam all your friends, family and connections with daily pleas to buy your small business’ products or services. But a little (humble) self-promotion never hurts…and it can go a long way in promoting your company.

Promote Notable Info on LinkedIn

All small businesses can benefit from a LinkedIn company page, but as a small business owner, your personal profile is another great avenue for spreading the word. Posting about upcoming events, your latest product/service offerings or new team additions can help you reach a whole new set of people. And the best part is that these people (hopefully) know you on some level, so they’ll be more likely to share your posts with their connections and groups.

Use Facebook to Reach New Customers

Your personal Facebook page can be a goldmine for your small business. It’s filled with people who care about you as a person – not just as a small business owner. Leverage their affections. Ask nicely, and only every so often, if they’d mind sharing your company page with their friends.

The trick here is finding the delicate balance between using your personal page to help your small business and making your personal page all about your business. Don’t go overboard, and keep the company posts light and fun. Ideally, people won’t realize you’re advertising, but your message will get across just the same!

Combine Your Blogs

Blogs are an underused component of small business’ social media strategies. If you don’t have one, you should get one pronto.

However, if you’re doing double duty in the blogosphere – and have one for personal use and one for your small business – you might want to consider a little cross-promotion. Your personal followers will get to share in your business successes, and your customers will get a look at the real you. Cross-promoting your blogs is a great way to meld both aspects of your life together. Just remember to keep the ratio of personal to professional posts close to 1:1. If you focus too much on one aspect or the other, you risk losing part of your readers.

Need more ideas on leveraging your personal and small business social media accounts? Drop us a line!